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    Prom night – nothing could be more exciting, right? My best friend and I had spent hours looking for dresses and doing our hair. It was perfect. We had been waiting for this night since both of us could remember and nothing was going to ruin it. My best friend called me the night before and told me that her parents had to go on an emergency trip to see her dying grandmother. It was a really sad story but what interested us was that she was planning on throwing a huge prom party at her house.

    That night after we got our pictures and dinner, my date and I headed over to her house. I couldn’t believe how many people had shown up! Everyone was there and everyone was having a great time! People were drinking and dancing and everything was awesome. I decided to spend the night over there so that I could help clean up the next day.

    Her parents got home the next morning at about the same time the police arrived. It turns out that someone who had been at the party had gotten into an accident and was intoxicated. The police asked where they got the alcohol and they pointed at my friend’s house. The police were very nice and explained to all of us that adults can be charged with a Class 1 misdemeanor if they knowingly allow minors to drink on their property (ARS 4-241.H.) Fortunately her parents didn’t know anything about the party or the alcohol! But police also told us that there is still a chance that through their homeowner’s insurance, her parents might get sued (be held civilly liable) because someone got hurt as a result of the party.

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    On 03/31/05
    Jessica from AZ said:
    don't feel bad we all make mistakes some time
    On 03/29/05
    Arsenio from TX said:
    I thank that weed is a bad thang to do but it seems that u c every one doing it so it make's u want to do it to but I grow up around it raisd and still see people doing it every day but it dont inspire me to go out and smoke but half of my family has ether tried it or is still doing it so it is a chance that I might try it but it's not cause some one made me it's because when u c it every day every time u walk out side it takes a roll in your life.
    On 03/19/05
    Annie from ND said:
    Students are told repeatedly from age 12 up, to be responsible, act like an adult and you'll be treated like one. Even if that means making a bad decision. This is one way everybody learns. She made the decision to have the party w/o consulting any parental units. She should face the consequences as an adult would. It's apparent that she knew right from wrong.
    On 03/18/05
    nikki from MI said:
    Its so easy to get mixed up in stuff like this. You think its a good idea because you don't think your going to get caught at the time you deside to do something like this. I've been in some deep deep trouble involving the police ans running away, but all's i can say is you can't turn back time to fix problems like this all's you can do is move on and try not to make the same mistake twice.
    On 03/18/05
    Jamsmine from AZ said:
    i think that if you are going to drink with out you parents permission then that is your problem. although if you are going to drink and drive you should at least call your parents.tell them that you can not drive because you have been drinking. that way your parents will be happy that you at least called and told them and you would have not got hurt.
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