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    Laws - View Law: VANDALISM

    Criminal Damage and Graffiti:

    If you damage property, you will be held accountable. If you recklessly damage property, it is called criminal damage. Criminal damages as defined by Arizona state law (A.R.S. 13-1602A&B) may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of damage.In many cases you and your parents are responsible for paying for damages.

    Defacing property is also considered criminal damages. This includes marking, scratching or painting of property that does not belong to you and without the owner's permission. Painting graffiti is breaking the law.

    In Arizona, a 16-year old who spray-painted 32 homes, a half-dozen cars, and various garage doors and fences was tried as an adult and sentenced to 2 months in jail and 3 years probation. Juveniles who damage the property of others can be placed on probation (either with or without detention) and can be required to pay for damages.

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    On 04/08/05
    Will from WA said:
    Vandalism.... so easily avoided... I just got caught for keying a guys car, my dad doesn't know about it yet, but my mom does, and I'm going to have to go to court most likely, all for keying a guys car. It's not a wise choice, I could have avoided all this trouble by thinking before I acted, it's easy to do it, and even easier to NOT do it. Think about the consequences. I don't know about how much damage i caused to the guys car, but I know that I'm going to have to pay it off, and if I'm LUCKY I'll only have community service to do, and not time in juvy... I just don't know anymore.
    On 03/30/05
    S.P from AZ said:
    I had a nephew who was tagging and got cought. he ranfrom the cops and fainly got cought.he ran from state to stste and was put in for a while.
    On 02/01/05
    Adam from AZ said:
    I am doing a project on graffiti and want to know what everyone thinks about it. Does anyone think that it can be art? At what point does graffiti become vandalism? What are some alternatives to spray painting on other people's property? Is it still vandalism if it can be washed away by the rain? there is an artist in Europe who makes designs by cleaning areas of the city that are already dirty. Is this vandalism? I would like to hear what everyone thinks.
    On 12/08/04
    Jesse from OH said:
    I think people should go 2 jail 4 braking someone else's stuff.
    On 12/07/04
    Krissaca from TN said:
    I think that it is pretty stupid for people to do these kind of things.
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