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    Laws - View Law: GUNS & WEAPONS

    Guns & Firearms:

    Laws are set to protect kids and adults when dangerous instruments are involved. This applies to driving a car as well as to possession of guns. In Arizona, the law states that kids under the age of 18 are not allowed to carry guns. (ARS 13-3111). This law also provides some exceptions where kids are allowed to have and use a gun under certain restricted conditions. For example, a kid can carry a gun if he or she is with a parent, grandparent, qualified hunter, safety instructor, or qualified firearms safety instructor as long as there is permission from a parent or guardian. When involved in lawful hunting or shooting events or marksmanship practice, kids between the ages of 14 and 18 are allowed to be in possession of a firearm.(ARS 13-3111). Because there are many exceptions and details in this statute, you may want to read the law or consult a gun expert or lawyer before actually possessing a firearm.

    Deadly Weapons:

    Arizona Law (ARS 13-3101) says that a Deadly weapon is anything that is designed for lethal use, including a firearm.

    It is against Arizona law to carry a firearm or any deadly weapon on a school campus. (ARS 13-3102)

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    On 03/09/08
    Cort from AZ said:
    Yeah it's NOT legal to fire any firearm within city limits but i doubt the police would mind or even notice unless you were shooting people or doing it in front of them. I've done it plenty. Why would it be illegal for Gays to own guns? Any and every American has the right to own guns no matter their sex, race, religion, or sexual preference/identity/orientation (2nd Amendment). But you have to be 18 to legally own a riffle and 21 to own a hand gun, Also some of the fully automatic weapons (AKA the fun ones) are not legal to possess
    On 03/06/08
    brian from VA said:
    is it illegal to shoot a bb gun in your back yard? also is it illegal for gays to own guns?im not gay im just wundering
    On 01/21/08
    ryan from AZ said:
    "KG from AL said: Oh for the love of... Personally, I think that people jsut shouldn't own guns. Think about it, what is the point. Unless one goes hunting......"If some breaks into my house with a weapon, i am not going to have time to call the police and wait for them to "save," me. Its either take the person down or he takes you down. Guns are wonderful tools for home defense. People that are scared of guns just don't understand them. You will understand when you need a gun to protect you or your family. We use our 1st amend. everyday. Why would we not use the 2nd amendment also?
    On 01/21/08
    Ryan from AZ said:
    Hey justin from AZ. I am 19 years old and I own few firearms. Though I have never taken a safety course I do know range ettiqutte and I always practice gun safety. -Assume any gun(even if you know its not) is loaded
    On 01/15/08
    josue from AZ said:
    whaat are the charges for caring a gun that is not legally registered.
    21 thru 25 of 94 comments     1   2   3   4  [ 5 ] ...   

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