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    Stories - View Story: John's story

    John's MP3 N/A N/A

    My name is john and im 17, i live in south carolina with my dad..ok heres the story. I recently dropped out of school because i made some bad choices the earlier part of the semester and my grades are irrecoverable. I know i messed up and i take responsibilty for that. Anyways,im going back to school in August because i want my diploma, i didnt quit because i was lazy i took a brief vacation to gather myself. well i have a job now i work full time at piggly wiggly. Prior to dropping out my father told me if i did that that i would have to pay for my own rent, water bill, light bill, car insurance, gas, everything i needed money for i would have to pay...and hes keeping me grounded while he is MAKING me stay here and pay him, so its like im paying to be punished.  i would like to move out of the house, but what i really wanna know is if it is legal for him to make me pay him me not being emancipated, im goin crazy, thanks!

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    On 12/02/07
    vince from WV said:
    your dad shouldnt be making you pay rent, he should be proud of u 4 going back to school, and i understand y u dropped out because at the rate my grades are right now im going to be in high school for about 5-6 yrs
    On 11/30/07
    jasmin from VA said:
    hey. I think that its wrong that ur dad is doing that. But keep ur head up it will all work out in da end.
    On 10/20/07
    Apryl from AZ said:
    Iam amazed that i came on here looking for a curfew law, and found this, i know it might seem like iam old but i was 13 living on the street doing crazy stuff and just to let you know, umm ur dad feels he is showing you responsibility by making you pay bills, umm to be real you cant afford it out on ur own, and you could try but most rent goes by ur credit, unless its some place you'll come home from work and your door kicked in and everything you've worked for is gone. i live in a apartment 655. my light bill at cheapest 171. car 500. insurance is 171. cable/inter 45. cell 145.think about it!
    On 10/17/07
    Jessie from AL said:
    well you should not have droped out of school
    On 09/04/07
    Em from AZ said:
    First of all, to the girl under me, she is being a little overdramatic. I think that it is wrong for your dad to make you pay, but he probably loves you and is trying to teach you a lesson. Although this is over the top, one day you will see that he loves you. But you should try to move out and start your life over. Good job on going back to school. Your dad will come down off his high horse eventually, if not, then you should talk to someone about it.
    16 thru 20 of 55 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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