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    Cindy's MP3 High Low

    Hi, my name is Cindy and I’m 15 years old. It’s my first day in jail, adult jail, and boy am I scared! I was at juvenile jail once and this isn’t anything like that place! I still can’t believe how fast all of this happened. One night I’m out dancing at an after hours club and wham, now I’m in prison for up to 22 1/2 years! I suppose you’d like to know how this happened. Well, I was leaving the after hours club when these three girls from the north side were messing with me. My friends had already left so I was alone. I pulled out my pistol which, by the way, wasn’t even loaded, and pointed it at them and told them to leave me alone. I didn’t mean anything by it. I wasn’t going to shoot them. I just wanted them to leave me alone. But I got arrested and charged with three counts of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. (How deadly is a gun with no bullets I asked, but that didn’t mater) Anyway, I guess last July a new law makes it so that kids that get charged with certain crimes have to go to adult jail instead of juvenile jail.  Well, I’m one of them, on my way to adult prison at age 15. I won’t get out of jail until I’m almost 40 years old!"

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    On 05/03/05
    Jocelyn from TX said:
    Hey Cindy, How ya holdin' up? I'm doing a project at school on should teens who commit violent crimes be tried as adults, and your situation is what I've really been searching for. please tell me about it because it doesn't seem fair. If children aren't able to drink or drive legally than why should we be tried as adults? You hang in their gurl!
    On 04/20/05
    Samara from NJ said:
    im glad you got charged with an adult crime because you shouldn't be dealing with a gun at your age...even though you said the gun wasn't loaded and what harm could that do...there are people left to right getting shot for doing that or being in there own home just sitting on the couch watching tv...there's alot of things why you are in the place you are today...You were stupid and now u have to pay for what u have done.. Thankx 3 listening Samara
    On 04/20/05
    Cindy V. from CA said:
    Oh dear. My name is Cindy too. Well, you're sorta stupid for doing that. That is a threat did you know that?
    On 04/18/05
    Chris from NJ said:
    22 1/2 years for an unloaded pistol... that seems completely rediculous. My brother friend is facing no where near that and he had an illegal firearm on school grounds which resaulted in 3 criminal charges
    On 04/09/05
    James from AZ said:
    There are a lot of lousy laws in the U.S. Without the gun, those three girls would probably have beat you up or knifed you or may be just verbally assaulted you. With a gun and no bullets is stupid anyway, a gun should always have bullets in it, those girls didn't know that and neither did the Law. At 15, no child should be out at an after hours club or anywhere, except home after about 8 PM. Unfortunately, our society is very messed up, especially in the inner cities of America and our Law Makers aren't affected by the situation. The Laws that they have created may cost you some time.
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