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    Stories - View Story: braddley's story

    braddley's MP3 N/A N/A

    well im 13 years old and its 4/11/05 and on 4/12/05 i will be going to detetion at 8:30am.why well i am on probation and i broke probation 9 times i broke it for,truancy,curfew,letters,posetion of stoolin property,drugs,not paying restatuion,under age smoking,under age driking and getting some tikkets.dont know why i did those thinges but know i have to pay for those thinges that i did.i have to go to detetion and drug rehab for 30 days wene i get out of detetion.so it suckes.i shoudent have done those thinges!!!!!!

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    On 11/11/05
    bekaboo from AZ said:
    well you shouldn't have done those things in the first place.i maen we all do things that might get us in trouble (if we get caught) but we have to take our consequences even if we don't like what it is. so just hang in there and it will be over before you know it.
    On 10/24/05
    Emily from OH said:
    Hang in there, it'll be over soon. Just teaches you not to do those things again, breaking the law. NOT A GOOD IDEA. I should know.. ^_^ Good luck
    On 09/25/05
    from AL said:
    So, what exactly is stolen property?
    On 05/11/05
    Mermaid from FL said:
    Hey I know things may seem rough right now, but i was in the same kinda situation, well not really but i did get in a lot of trouble. Just work on your problems, I know rules are meant to be broke but not that bad!!!!
    11 thru 14 of 14 comments     1   2  [ 3 ]   

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