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    Stories - View Story: Alisha's story

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    Yo I hope those who read this can give me good replys and ting. Sorry fo those who don't understand ma East London Slang. Right getting to the point.. all the trouble and Violence started when i was 11. I've been on Curfews, arrested and put in cells and been to the Stratford Court twice. I've blazed Munk and drank alcohol, Been in and out of Counselling, took 3 over doses, Stabbed 2 people in the hand, Cut my wrist and alot more. Right now I've realised what I've done in the past has been really stupid. With help from my friends and family I'm trying my best to get through all this. When i wanna grow up i wanna become a lawyer.. but the thing is after all the things i've done i dont think i will be able to become one. I reckon people like me end up doing things like this because what we're going through or whats happened. Get help like counselling before it's too late.. counselling can help alot! All i can say is Just study your best and lead a good life ya get mi. Safe x

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    On 04/16/08
    Elly from AZ said:
    Life is tough, and trying to make the best of works. But sometimes the wrong choices seem like the open optoins and at the same time the only right ones. I have been in your shoes plenty of times. I can only look back (now hating life) wishing that the suicide in the past had worked!
    On 01/06/08
    Lisa from AZ said:
    Alisha...good for you for realizing your mistakes babe. My 15 yr old is on Probation for weed and she has not followed 1 requirement by her PO. She rarely comes home, has come up dirty 2x and just does not seem to care. I love her so much, but I am letting her PO and judge know that she basically makes her own rules and rarely comes home lately. Her "so called" friends tell her they won't put you in detention. I am hoping they do, and it tears me up inside. It's the only thing I can do that will hopefully turn her life around. I AM PROUD OF YOUR HONESTY! Make good choices when you get out. BYE
    On 06/12/07
    missy from AZ said:
    i think you weren't thinking when you did those things.if i were a judge you'd be in jail!!!!!!!!
    On 10/04/06
    kaykay from TX said:
    It's good you've realized what you've done and everything but another idea instead of a lawyer with your story is maybe a counselor. You know I cant think wat their called but they go around to schools telling kids their stories and trying to teach them not to make the same choices. You know wat Im saying right. and it seems to impact us morewhen the story is an personal expeirience. i know it did for me. Well hope everything turns out okay.
    On 09/03/06
    madz from Othr said:
    hey good on ya for trying 2 turn everything around. i hope evertything gets better for you.
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