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    Stories - View Story: sarah's story

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    ok so one night i was at my friends 16 birthday party and of course there was drinking and smoking weed so i figured what the heck i guess i could have a little fun...well her mom came home early and ended up kicking everyone out so i went with my other girlfriends to this kids house and i didnt know whose house it was so i felt a little awkward.i ended up having a little too much too drink and smoked a little too much and passed out.all i remember was looking up and seeing him standing there smiling at me.the next day when i got home i was getting undressed to take a shower when i noticed that my panties were gone later on when i went to school this kid kept asking me about why i had sex when he was laying right beside me and i honestly could not remember doing anything with anybody.well thankfully i graduate this year and i wont have to see him smile at me everyday in the halls at school.

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    On 12/22/06
    Jonathan from AR said:
    Ok, well did you want to drink and smoke!?! Weird because ive been to parties were theres sex and smoking and even drinking and i didnt have sex?!? omg all you have to do is NOT drink and Not smoke and NOThave sex... simple as can be!
    On 11/21/06
    moreno from AZ said:
    Hopefully that won't happen again!
    On 11/20/06
    Alexa from AZ said:
    i think that u sholdn't have gone to that party in the first place. if u knew that their was goin to be drinking, and smoking, why did u go anyways? well thats my opinion and if you know theirs goin to be drinking and you know your going to b drinking, just don't go.
    On 09/08/06
    None of ur buzzness from AZ said:
    Did you file for sexual assualt
    On 05/07/06
    Teresa from AL said:
    I think you need better friends. When I go to a party with weed and drinks we stick together to keep each other from doing things we shouldn't. Also try not to get stone cold drunk and high because if you go to college it'll be worse.
    26 thru 30 of 35 comments    ...6 ]  7    

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