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    Stories - View Story: Laura's story

    Laura's MP3 High Low

    I was thrilled. I had been asked to the prom, the biggest night of the year, by the guy that everyone wanted to date. I was the envy of all of my friends. I couldn’t believe that this was happening to me! I knew that this was going to be the best night of my life.

    We met some friends at the dance and started taking tons of pictures. I was having fun with my friends but my date was bored and impatient. Finally he told me that he wanted to leave so that we could be alone. I wasn’t sure that was such a good idea but I knew I didn't want our date to be over so soon. We got in the car and drove around for awhile. Then he stopped the car and started to force himself on me. I didn’t like it and I told him I wanted him to stop and to take me home immediately. He did take me home even though he seemed pretty mad at me. I talked to my parents and the counselor at school about what happened. I didn’t want anyone to get into trouble but I did think it was important for me to be able to talk to the adults that I trust. A few days after this happened we had an assembly on dating issues. During the assembly the presenter talked about the laws regarding sexual conduct. We all learned that certain types of sexual conduct are felonies. (ARS 13-1401-1406). I think it helped to hear how serious this can be. The guy who had been my prom date even apologized to me later in the day. I’m sure he and I won’t go out again but at least we can be polite to each other. I also know I won’t let myself get into a situation like that again.

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    On 02/07/09
    emily from AZ said:
    why are you being nice to him? dont be. he asked you out to PROM then made you leave early and tried to sleep with you. he thought you were a little sex machine and im glad you said no.
    On 01/20/09
    Tyrone from FM said:
    If you told him to stop and he did, it sounds to me that he did nothing wrong. In fact, it sounded like he was getting the wrong signals from you. Now, why is it that he had to apologize?
    On 11/20/08
    Veroni from CA said:
    that must suck sorry to hear. my question for you is why do you still talk to him? he did something really messed up. it was your prom night that only comes once in a lifetime and just cause he was the guy everyone likes he ended up ruining it for you. did you feel bad cuz he got mad?? if you did you shouldnt, he just saw you as an easy girl you know what i mean you should of beat him up for violating you this is just what i would tell any of my friends cuase i think no one should have to go through that doesnt it effect your relationships like dont you feel uncomfortable or something? well tc
    On 10/01/08
    danya from AZ said:
    well yeah it was prom but sometimes you got to watch out for boys like that and not beacause hes cute youre gonna let him take you where he wants!!!!watch next time when you go on a date!!!?
    On 08/04/08
    Adrian from OH said:
    I despise guys who see girls as nothing but sex machines. I do my best to treat girls with the respect they deserve, and I'm disappointed that other guys don't do the same. Chivalry's not dead, people.
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