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    "Back when I was in 6th grade, I was playing volleyball in the morning with some of my friends. My friends started to leave and a big group of girls surrounded me. One of the girls kept asking me if I had been talking about them. I kept telling them no, but I guess they didn't believe me because all of the sudden one of the girls punched me in the cheek. There were no teachers around, so no one saw what happened. I went to the office and reported what the girls had done. The girl who punched me was suspended for three days. After that, all of her friends kept giving me dirty looks and acting like they were going to beat me up. Then when the girl came back, she was always looking at me. I started going straight to my classes because I was scared. After a while she stopped giving me dirty looks and left me alone."

    Threatening, intimidation, and assault are against the law and against school policy. Talk to an adult that you can trust if these things are happening to you or to someone you know.

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    On 02/26/04
    Cookie from NY said:
    Document everything that happens to you. Get the names, dates, and times, of the bullies. Get the names of the people in school taking your complaints. They too, are held accountable if they don't do something to protect you. First time, suspension. Second time, perhaps expelled. Third time, call the police and have them take a complaint. If she is going to behave like a criminal she should be treated like one. Go public if necessary. Bullies are cowards and hate being exposed. Good luck, and put a very short time limit on the abuse.
    On 02/24/04
    Janei Freeman from VA said:
    I believe you did the right thing by reporting those girls. also you need to know that reporting people may not always work . even though it is the right thing to do. you have to stand up for yourself because those girls could have easily taken action on you because you snitched on them ( tried to ge them in trouble)
    On 01/27/04
    antonio from AZ said:
    It was very interesting story I'll admit but sooner or later u have to stand up and fight cuz they know that u won't fight back.
    On 01/26/04
    jkt from VA said:
    same thing happen to me but it was after schoo
    On 01/12/04
    Ralph from AZ said:
    that is exactly the reason for this propaganda, to make the younger genratons too scared to fright back. a people who will not stand up for their rights can be controlled with little effort.
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