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    Laws - View Law: TRUANCY

    (not being in school when you are supposed to be)

    It is against the law for anyone between the ages of six and sixteen to not attend school. However, there are some exceptions through excused absences, home school, etc. Even if you miss just one class period without an excuse, you are considered truant.

    If you miss school a lot (5 days, unexcused) you are considered to be habitually truant (ARS 15-803).  An attendance officer can enforce this law. The officer can give you a ticket requiring you and a parent to appear before an official of the court. (ARS 15-805)  If you are habitually truant you could be put on probation, have your driver’s license taken away, or have to attend counseling or educational classes. (ARS 8-323)

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    On 04/14/09
    Krysty from AZ said:
    I have missed school for a week before. My mom was busy with work and taking care of me she never had time to call the school. When I returned my mom wrote a note and I was fine.
    On 03/23/09
    from AZ said:
    Where is the common sense in this? The law says at the age of 16 a child can sign themselves out of school(drop out) without their parents concent. But, then the law says parents are legally responsible for their children until the age of 18. If the state allows them to drop out against parents wishes, why doesn't the state assume responsibility for them, they are the ones who gave them permission. I have a 16 year old son who refuses to go to school, says the law says he doesn't have to go. I don't know what to do with him now, he is just wasting his life away.
    On 03/17/09
    LJ from AZ said:
    Looking at some of these listed comments, I hope you all stay in school, the spelling is outrageous. I know kids think this law is bogus and a bunch of **** when my kids heard about this law, it made them get up on time and to school on time. This law is also making mine and my husbands case to get custody of his daughter. She is 7 lives 2 blocks from the school and is at least an hour late everyday when at her moms house, she is in 1st grade and has already had a truancy officer visit her home, that is rediculous, in this case it is the parents responsibility.
    On 03/05/09
    lyndsa from TX said:
    ok what if the student dosent go to school because he or she is being bullied when you go to court for turrency do you bring that up
    On 12/08/08
    kwanis from SC said:
    i can understand were they are coming from kids should't leave school or cut. if a child/children cut and the teachers or the principle does't know anything about it then they are not doing there job they are responsible for us even through they cant just not worry bout that one child may be that one child they could of save from a gun shot, drugs, begin rape. i also understand that that child has a chose to think for there self they have a choice to make.
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