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    Possession and Use of Marijuana

    Possession and use of marijuana is either a felony or a misdemeanor. Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony. Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (ARS 13-3405). You may also lose your driving privileges.

    An adjudication on a marijuana charge goes on your record and can follow you throughout your life. For example, a candidate for a U.S. Supreme Court appointment was disqualified after admitting he had used marijuana as a student.

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    On 03/17/09
    kylee from AZ said:
    why do teenagers do drugs? because they're illegal, that's why. same reason why they drink and smoke. it gives them a rush of adrenaline to know that they're breaking the law. so if you legalize it, the numbers of marijuana use will go way down. it's the same reason why they should lower the drinking age to 18.
    On 02/19/09
    Friend from CA said:
    To make something illegal that grows out of the ground is like saying god messed up, whoever that idiot is who said marijuanna impairs judgement... Go to a concert , anything in that sort and look for the people who are the most obnoxious and violent 10 out of 10 times it'll be alcohol or other drugs never marijunna. People been smoking for centuries ain't gonna stop now, look around
    On 02/17/09
    zainab from AZ said:
    uhm i think mary jane is illegal n such consequences should be held but some education on d drug would be better than jail time.
    On 01/16/09
    shono from AZ said:
    i dont know why people do stuff like that i mean that stuff is nasty.......people are stupid
    On 01/12/09
    Boise from ID said:
    Hey, what are you thinking? Ryan from CA said that alcohol ankd cigarettes hurt more people than weed, which is true, but it happens in different ways. Asides from the 2nd hand smoke, smoking only hurts the users, not other people. When someone gets high on pot, they lose judgment and they can hurt innocent people. And Chris from AZ, it is your business what you put in your body, UNLESS YOU ENDANGER OTHER PEOPLE WHEN YOU'RE HIGH.
    6 thru 10 of 162 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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