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    Possession and Use of Marijuana

    Possession and use of marijuana is either a felony or a misdemeanor. Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony. Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (ARS 13-3405). You may also lose your driving privileges.

    An adjudication on a marijuana charge goes on your record and can follow you throughout your life. For example, a candidate for a U.S. Supreme Court appointment was disqualified after admitting he had used marijuana as a student.

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    On 04/12/08
    kc from AZ said:
    pot should totally be legal its not bad! and it doesnt give you dead brain cells it puts them in hibernation. marijuana is a plant not a chemical you shoot up so its not bad every one thinks its so horrible and they have no idea what so ever what it can and will do for you.
    On 04/12/08
    duntht from AZ said:
    ok here is an example of illegal substances.. everyone has heard of licking toads to get a high from it. its your choice if you want to do that and if it is abused enough what are they going to do make toads illegal? the point is whether or not you make "it" illegal or not people will abuse it if they want to. ex. McDonalds is bad for you but people still CHOOSE to eat it KNOWING it is bad for you. It is your CHOICE what you want to do for your health. work out or be fat. "Biggie size" or Subway. Smoke or dont smoke. Crack or no crack. smoke weed or dont.EDUCATE KIDS let them make the decision
    On 04/12/08
    ZIRCHx from AZ said:

    anyone who is against the legalization of weed obviously doesn't know much about it. it is a drug, it is illegal does that mean its bad? i can declare sugar an illegal drug does that mean it is horrible to use? too much of anything is bad. its true people screw up their lives on weed cuz they don't have self control but same thing happens to people with alcohol except alcohol is an addiction. weed is no addiction.

    On 01/25/08
    b from AZ said:
    ok,I think that only marijuana should be the only drug legalized. all the other drugs like heroin, crack, meth cocaine should all be illegal, because you can die from them. but, weed is a plant that calms you down and just mellows you out. you can not get addicted to weed, it is just your brain telling you that you need it and not your body needing it to just use it. so please legallize it government and they could also make a lot of money selling it and getting the economy straighten out.
    On 01/07/08
    kt from OH said:
    okay first of all if weed was legal then you'd still have the choice if you wanted to do it or not.. people chose not to drink but the people who smoke weed are obviously going to do it weather or not its legal there would just be less crime if it was legal.. ex.. if a drug dealer gets robbed they cant call the police so they take care of it themselves..
    21 thru 25 of 162 comments     1   2   3   4  [ 5 ] ...   

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