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    Possession and Use of Marijuana

    Possession and use of marijuana is either a felony or a misdemeanor. Possession of marijuana that you intend to sell is a felony. Possession and use of marijuana can result in probation, attending classes on the harmful effects of drugs, and performing community service. (ARS 13-3405). You may also lose your driving privileges.

    An adjudication on a marijuana charge goes on your record and can follow you throughout your life. For example, a candidate for a U.S. Supreme Court appointment was disqualified after admitting he had used marijuana as a student.

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    On 12/29/08
    ryan from CA said:
    you wanna know why the only reason the goverment or the man wont legalize maryjane is because they cannot make a profit off of it say for example alchol it is worser than marijuana but thet dont care so is cigarettes if you think about people would be growin their own trees but it is not legal so they dont but i cant believe it they will rather make a profit buy selling and american achol or cigarretes which is up there with the top killers than letting an american not pay and grow its own marijuana tree ps: do not smoke just thinking logical
    On 12/23/08
    cole from AZ said:
    smoking has killed more ppl than weed has. honestly if cigarettes are legal than so should weed.
    On 12/06/08
    Ryan DYHA from AZ said:
    LEGALIZE IT I'm against most drugs, but if I can still manage straight A's and get high, the drug is obviously not bad! Plus I'm Bi-Polar and was on Abilify for two years, didn't work. Started smoking bud and I'm cool, calm, and collected. Stay blazed!
    On 11/06/08
    Chris from AZ said:
    I personaly dont think that Cannabis is that bad for you. What is the Government to say what you do in your own life. President Lincoln said "prohibition laws strike at the very heart of what it means to be a free American in that they seek to legislate a man's (or woman's) appetite and makes crimes out of things that are not inherently crimes" I think that this is an infringement of our rights. I dont need the Government to tell me what i can and cannot put in my body. That my choice.
    On 10/16/08
    john from AL said:
    marijuana isnt bad, crack down on the heroin junkies and get the real scum, enforcing marijuana laws is a waste of federal fund and time
    11 thru 15 of 162 comments     1   2  [ 3 ]  4   5  ...   

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