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    Laws - View Law: SHOPLIFTING

    Shoplifting is more than just leaving a store with something you did not pay for. Shoplifting is also obtaining goods by charging the purchase price of an item to a fictitious person; paying less than the purchase price of the item by changing the labels in some way; moving the item to a different container; and hiding the item in some way from view. (A.R.S. § 13-1805).

    If you are a minor, your parents or legal guardian can be held responsible for any damages that you caused. (A.R.S. § 12-661). Shoplifting property with a value of more than $2,000 is a class 5 felony. Shoplifting with a value of less than $250.00 is a class 1 misdemeanor.

    If you are found guilty of shoplifting, you could be fined, have to perform community service, or be placed on probation with up to one year in detention. (A.R.S. § 13-1805) If found guilty of shoplifting you might also be required to pay a penalty of $100.00 in addition to the actual damages to the owner (the price of what you took). (A.R.S. § 12-692)

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    On 02/17/09
    zainab from AZ said:
    uhm question??? if your in the process of shoplifting and you get caught and they take back the stuff you "attempted" to shoplift do you still have to pay back restitution?
    On 02/02/09
    Gerri from TN said:
    I am appearing in court tomorrow for a class a theft. back in oct I stoled $150 worth of clothing for my grandchildren. So far it has cost me $1650 for an attorney and I am facing probation for a year -- can you help me deal with this? PLEASE I never did anything like this before. Hard economic times made me feel sorry for myself and did it -- I was so stupid -- can you help me deal with this and tell me what to expect in court
    On 11/19/08
    edith from AZ said:
    hello; myname is edith, i think that if you had stolen something from anywhere, you should give it back, and they shouldnt ground you because you recognize what you did;and that it was wrong, and that means that you wont do it again...well this is my most sincerely opinion u_______U
    On 11/09/08
    from AZ said:
    I have never stole in my life and I am studying to be a Psychologist, words of wisdom: Stop being so immature and stupid. Grow up, what yous steal is NOT WORTH IT in the long run. To all of you asking "What next" - Crime is a punishable by law offense. You'll all seek fines, jail time, yes it goes on your permanent record; you'll all be finding out soon that your 20$ to 500$ worth of stealing was NOT worth it. Get yourself a JOB and buy what you want, CRIME DOES NOT PAY. Even if you get away with it sometimes; you will EVENTUALLY get caught. Good luck to you all, you'll need it.
    On 10/24/08
    Tom from AZ said:
    I hate to admit this but I was arrested in October for shoplifting $30 worth of food from a local supermarket here in Northern Arizona , paid restitution of $280 the following day and had to appear in court on October 16th where I pleaded no contest ! I now have to appear before the judge on Nov. 18th , I wonder should I have a court appointed lawyer with me ? I would hate to have a sentence of jail time , first of all I have heart trouble (angina pains sever) and I am also a care giver to my 85 year old mother !
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