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    Laws - View Law: Motorized scooters banned from Phoenix streets, sidewalks

    New regulation:

    Applies to any "motorized vehicle that is self-propelled by a motor or engine," whether it be gas or electric, and can reach the speed of up to 50 mph, are banned on any kind of public land - that includes parks and alleys - and can only be used on private property with the written consent of the owner… according to the ordinance


    Those who violate the rules will be subject to a traffic citation, just as drivers who speed or fail to yield at a stoplight are. And parents whose children are cited are just as liable - even if they didn't know their kids were using the skateboards in an inappropriate manner, or place.



    See also: MOTORIZED SKATEBOARDS for more information about motorized skateboards.


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    On 07/14/08
    matt from CA said:

    We do have laws on scooters in california and having a permit for it.

    On 04/30/08
    jared from AL said:
    i think bannig th moter scooters is a good thing because they get yhurt
    On 04/16/08
    D from CA said:

    I say we shouled have laws and regulations like a driver's permit for gas scooter shouled be legal. You should go to your local DMV to try for a permit to ride one.

    On 04/16/08
    kyle from CA said:

    OK im going to speak out i say we need to have a law on gas Gopeds® if you don't have a learners permit or license you shouldn't ried one be cause your NOT responsible.

    On 01/21/08
    Ryan from AZ said:
    The problem is these kids do not follow the traffic laws. Actually people in there cars dont follow traffic laws. I see people run stop signs in their cars ALL day. But the kids on motor scooters run stop signs and drive all over the street and side walks. They get hurt and who do the parents blame? Anyone but themselves. But the truth is, if the parents taught the kids to follow the traffic laws we wouldnt of had a problem.
    6 thru 10 of 32 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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