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    Laws - View Law: VANDALISM

    Criminal Damage and Graffiti:

    If you damage property, you will be held accountable. If you recklessly damage property, it is called criminal damage. Criminal damages as defined by Arizona state law (A.R.S. 13-1602A&B) may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of damage.In many cases you and your parents are responsible for paying for damages.

    Defacing property is also considered criminal damages. This includes marking, scratching or painting of property that does not belong to you and without the owner's permission. Painting graffiti is breaking the law.

    In Arizona, a 16-year old who spray-painted 32 homes, a half-dozen cars, and various garage doors and fences was tried as an adult and sentenced to 2 months in jail and 3 years probation. Juveniles who damage the property of others can be placed on probation (either with or without detention) and can be required to pay for damages.

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    On 03/16/08
    CJ from AZ said:

    My 8 year old and his friend were playing with a basketball in the street. It hit a windshield of a neighbors car parked in the street and "shattered" the windshield. I think this is an accident, and not criminal damages. Does anyone know ?

    On 03/10/08
    Ryan from OK said:
    u can have the freedom to spray paint just only your stuff if u wanna make a statment the buy a big peice of wood and do it
    On 02/05/08
    RiSe from AZ said:
    Look at that beautiful graffiti! Why does everyone think graffiti is bad? People these days need to relize that graffiti is a way of expressing yourself to the world. Graffiti is Art. If someone tags a government building its a way of saying something. If someone just say the stuff they want to graffiti usually the govern gets mad at then and trows them in jail right away. We don't have freedom of anything in the US so get with the picture and go make some beautiful art that everyone will see. RiSe.
    On 11/30/07
    Dawg from AZ said:
    Adam, When ever you spray paint on someone else's property it is considered vandalism or graffiti at the least! You should contact your city to find out if they can come up with a Art District where they will allow you to tastefully paint on the walls of old dirty buildings. So if it is not your property chances are your wrong for tagging on it. Respect other people's property and respect your self. And like i am sure everyone has heard "Do the crime do the time".
    On 11/15/07
    Jose from AZ said:

    Graffiti is breaking thelaw....I write graffiti and I know it.....it doesn't matter if it's for political reasons ....its against the law no matter what excuse you come up with.....

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