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    Laws - View Law: VANDALISM

    Criminal Damage and Graffiti:

    If you damage property, you will be held accountable. If you recklessly damage property, it is called criminal damage. Criminal damages as defined by Arizona state law (A.R.S. 13-1602A&B) may be a misdemeanor or a felony depending on the amount of damage.In many cases you and your parents are responsible for paying for damages.

    Defacing property is also considered criminal damages. This includes marking, scratching or painting of property that does not belong to you and without the owner's permission. Painting graffiti is breaking the law.

    In Arizona, a 16-year old who spray-painted 32 homes, a half-dozen cars, and various garage doors and fences was tried as an adult and sentenced to 2 months in jail and 3 years probation. Juveniles who damage the property of others can be placed on probation (either with or without detention) and can be required to pay for damages.

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    On 05/16/06
    from AK said:
    " we have bigger things to worry about right now like WAR and famine !" Yeah, so we might as well ignore the kids that break house windows, spray paint our cars, and tear apart our houses, seeing as war and famine is worse, even though civilans can't do much abut it but donate money and food, where as vandalism can be reported and the kids responsible have to pay for what damage they did, unless you want the owner to pay thousands for busted windows and repainting his car and replacing his funiture, etc for something he/she isn't even responsible for.
    On 04/03/06
    Christian from AZ said:
    Me and my friends got blamed for sk8 damages to the school of 10,000 dollars? Is there anyway to get out of this mess?
    On 02/26/06
    snowboarder from AZ said:
    Back in december me and 2 friends went egging. i was in the back of the truck. at one particular house, my friend threw an egg out the passanger window and hit a truck. the owner of the truck called the cops, and all 3 of us were charged with disorderly conduct. i didnt throw the egg and the guy driving didnt throw it, but we were still part of the act. so yeah, if cops get involved, most likely you will face charges too. its not so bad. i had a $75 fine, 16 hours community service, and an apology letter. -heres to better entertainment to stop vandalism
    On 10/24/05
    na from AZ said:
    i dont know if ill be in trouble but the other night me and a few friends went egging and egged a house that a parent called the police. i was sitting the back of the car when it happened but i didnt throw it. someone please answer this question. will i be facing destruction of property?
    On 09/16/05
    willis from CA said:
    we have bigger things to worry about right now like WAR and famine !
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