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    Possession of Alcohol:

    Is is against the law for a person under the legal drinking age (which is 21) to buy, receive, have in possession, or consume alcohol.(ARS 4-244).

    If you have or use alcohol when you are under the age of 21, you may be put on probation, have your driving privileges suspended, or pay fines or damages.

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    On 05/25/08
    George from AL said:

    But then again, i do agree a lot of teenagers can be really immature with the stuff and drink more than their limit. some people can be quite stupid with the stuff. but others, like me and my friends, just do it together. and watch out for each other. its good. im not as hardcore as all other drunks out there, but i have a go. :)

    On 05/25/08
    George from NY said:
    I am not actually from america, im in australia. i drink alcohol sometimes, even though the legal drinking age here is 18. i dont think its bad for people my age to be drinking, as long as they aren't like going psycho with the stuff. get over it, its happening everywhere. it isnt going to stop...
    On 03/24/08
    Kylee from GA said:
    I just got a ticket for underage drinking not too long ago. And I can say in all fairness, I deserved it. I had .25 in the hospital 2 hours later and AFTER alcohol had been drawn from my body. Which means I was almost in the .3s when I was drinking. I had several seizures and fellinto coma. 18 year olds really aren't too mature. You're still in high school. Sure you say that now, that the age should be lowered. But it's what it is now for a reason. Too many kids under 18 almost die or do die from alcohol poisoning. Beer? maybe Considering it's only 6%, but hard liquor can be up to 95%.
    On 03/13/08
    Pixel from AZ said:
    Sure, it may seem like a good time now, but think about it. 18 is only a few years away from when you /could/ start driving.(16) Alchohol plus driving equals bad. Especially when you may be completely new at driving.
    On 02/19/08
    B from AZ said:
    they should let people my age drink!!!
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