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    Possession of Alcohol:

    Is is against the law for a person under the legal drinking age (which is 21) to buy, receive, have in possession, or consume alcohol.(ARS 4-244).

    If you have or use alcohol when you are under the age of 21, you may be put on probation, have your driving privileges suspended, or pay fines or damages.

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    On 06/29/07
    Mike from NE said:
    I was at a friends apartment and we were drinking everyone was overage but me and another girl who is 20. They gave me a minor in possession charge but wrote the address wrong on my ticket. Can i get off for that type of technicality?
    On 03/09/07
    austin from AZ said:
    sadie and amanda, i would fight those tickets, you can not be ticketed for just being in the presence of alcohol, if they have no proof of you being drunk and just go off of what they assume then thats bad police work, and if cops started righting tickets on what they assume someone did, alot more people would be in jail and being fined
    On 02/21/07
    sadie from TX said:
    i was at a party where a keg was, i didnt have anything to drink. but the cops came and gave everyone tickets for possesion, and consumption.i dont know why i got a ticket for just being there.is that a law.
    On 02/17/07
    Amanda from CA said:
    I just received a minor in possesion at supercross. The cup was in a cup holder and was not mine. mY BROTHER-IN-LAW and his friend of legal age had gone to the rest room. the officer did not take a breathalyzer or anything. They didn't even have my friend sign her ticket. What might happen? Is this right?
    On 01/18/07
    from AL said:
    Even if you're 21, if you've never drank before you're still not going to know what your limits are and will still get into the same trouble a 13,15,18 year old would get into with alcohol their first time around. Not saying drinking age shouldn't be enforced, as drinking in general isn't great, however, it'd be wrong to say that all 21 year olds are smarter than those younger than them and that by the time you turn 21, you're instantly aware of the consequences of drinking and can measure properly what your limits are. Getting the whole drinking thing over with at young age can hurt much less
    21 thru 25 of 67 comments     1   2   3   4  [ 5 ] ...   

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