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    Possession of Alcohol:

    Is is against the law for a person under the legal drinking age (which is 21) to buy, receive, have in possession, or consume alcohol.(ARS 4-244).

    If you have or use alcohol when you are under the age of 21, you may be put on probation, have your driving privileges suspended, or pay fines or damages.

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    On 09/03/07
    Levi from AZ said:
    The drinking age should be lowered to 18 since at that age you can be drafted like a adult but you cant drink and enjoy other adult privilages
    On 09/02/07
    scott from AZ said:
    I just received an MIP recently and was told to appear in court 9/3 (labor day, no court in session). when i called they had no record of my case at all. Does this mean that the case is dropped if the officer does not turn in the paper work within 10 days?
    On 08/29/07
    Kevin from AZ said:
    I was at a party and cops showed up and got no proof of me drinking or even breathalized me at all and wrote me up for a Minor in Consumption ticket so i plead not guilty because they have no proof. is that enough to get off? he basically saw me, sat me and another kid down out of a hundred people and wrote us up for MIC's but did no tests or anything...
    On 08/24/07
    Seger from AZ said:
    I was walking with some friends to a frat house after we left another party as this parade of bicycle police drove by. we weren't doing anything suspicious or criminal. 3 cops branched off and asked us a couple questions. some people admitting to drinking so they asked us all for ID's. a couple kids before me got their tickets and breathalized while me and one other kid got our tickets and then refused to breathalize. i did admit to drinking a couple shots that night, but can i be charged if there is no physical proof of me being drunk?
    On 07/01/07
    Koty from NE said:
    I was just given and MIP last week and the week before I got a trespassing for skateboarding in an abondon building. What will be my punishment?
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