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    Laws - View Law: TRUANCY

    (not being in school when you are supposed to be)

    It is against the law for anyone between the ages of six and sixteen to not attend school. However, there are some exceptions through excused absences, home school, etc. Even if you miss just one class period without an excuse, you are considered truant.

    If you miss school a lot (5 days, unexcused) you are considered to be habitually truant (ARS 15-803).  An attendance officer can enforce this law. The officer can give you a ticket requiring you and a parent to appear before an official of the court. (ARS 15-805)  If you are habitually truant you could be put on probation, have your driver’s license taken away, or have to attend counseling or educational classes. (ARS 8-323)

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    On 03/07/06
    Jackie from AZ said:
    I agree with MARY/concern mother totally. Parents should know what teachers are doing to us kids.
    On 03/07/06
    Casey from AZ said:
    Know that you can also miss more than five days of school with an excuse. This can only be possible with a sickness, etc. I miss school often because I have bad allergies. But this is not a problem since I am able to get a doctor's dxcuse.
    On 02/28/06
    Denton from ID said:
    School stinks, I hate getting up every dang morning, I have hit the alarm clock 20 times, and I keep on tell myself, this is the last I'm hitting it.Finally my mom has to come in and wake me up. Which is not pretty.When I do get up, I set there thinking to myself how much I hate school, I just want to droop so I don't have to get up every morning. But when I am thinking about dropping out, I like at the negative and the positve. And the negatives outweight the positives. If I do droop out,what will I do the rest of my life, what will i do for money. And thats part of the reason why i am in sc
    On 02/28/06
    Marc from VA said:
    Everybody wants to express themselves... The only way to better express corectly our thoughts in a conversation or in written is to read. How can one read if doesn't learn it first? Think about this: if you have to speak in public, how can you get people's attention if you speak nonsense? Think about people that work as a reporter, if he/she didn't go to school and learn how to talk clearly and fluently, do you believe that anyone would pay attention? In fact this person would not had a job and ended up in the streets begging for money... many kids that refuse to go to school will end up in th
    On 02/28/06
    joe from AZ said:
    rob, take my advice and be more responsible with your life and other's. Maybe you are hurt in some way and you decided to give up.You know, I used to do foolish things before because I felt nobody cared about me. When I lost my family and had to work to survive, then I understood how important family and school are. It is better obey the law than sacrifice your life! We should not even need a law to force us to go to school, we should know that we must go! Man, how can you make a diference in the world if you don't learn stuff. Only dumb people don't go to school,grow up, man, study, learn
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