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    Laws - View Law: TRUANCY

    (not being in school when you are supposed to be)

    It is against the law for anyone between the ages of six and sixteen to not attend school. However, there are some exceptions through excused absences, home school, etc. Even if you miss just one class period without an excuse, you are considered truant.

    If you miss school a lot (5 days, unexcused) you are considered to be habitually truant (ARS 15-803).  An attendance officer can enforce this law. The officer can give you a ticket requiring you and a parent to appear before an official of the court. (ARS 15-805)  If you are habitually truant you could be put on probation, have your driver’s license taken away, or have to attend counseling or educational classes. (ARS 8-323)

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    On 02/09/06
    amanda from AZ said:
    i think that students should have to stay in school until their 16 but if they want to go and have some fun for one day let them it's their life let them live it the wy they want to...comming from a kid they won't do it again after once trust me
    On 02/09/06
    Lisa/Parent of truant child from AZ said:
    I came across your site by searching for "homeless law act" in AZ. My child has been on the honor roll 90% of school.Missing only 1 day a year,w/2 years of perfect attendence and she is in the 6th grade.Now we became homeless and the school has put us into truancy due to our situation. They give 1 absence per 5 tardies.That counts against us,along w/lack of $ to get her there at times.She made the honor roll both semesters even w/a 15 + absences.Her missing isn't by choice as a bad kid ditching.So not all truant cases are the same.Sometimes there isn't a choice.The school is making it harder.
    On 02/03/06
    a concerned parent from AZ said:
    As I read through these I notice that most of the kids who are against the truancy law aren't even spelling "truancy" right when it is right there for them to see. Perhaps this is a result of not going to school. The government has enough other ways to get taxes without having to worry about the tax money from school, and have you ever seen the salary of a teacher? GO TO SCHOOL. More tax dollars are being wasted chasing delinquent teens than what they are making from school tax. It scares me that in 20-30 years you all will be responsible for running the Country.
    On 11/24/05
    Asmaa from Othr said:
    Hi my name is Asmaa.I from Calgary.Why do kids skipp school beacuse they went to have the power to do things to prove to them.But skipping is really common it is even geting populare.
    On 11/10/05
    Amy from ME said:
    I believe that school isn't for everyone. Some kids do a lot better when they don't finish high school. I intend on finishing high school and going to college, yet it is hard. Sometimes I don't want to finish high school. My brother never finished high school, same with my parents. All of them are very successful and are doing find. It depends on who you are. Our society makes us go to school so we get used to waking up every morning to do something we don't want to do.
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