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    Laws - View Law: TRUANCY

    (not being in school when you are supposed to be)

    It is against the law for anyone between the ages of six and sixteen to not attend school. However, there are some exceptions through excused absences, home school, etc. Even if you miss just one class period without an excuse, you are considered truant.

    If you miss school a lot (5 days, unexcused) you are considered to be habitually truant (ARS 15-803).  An attendance officer can enforce this law. The officer can give you a ticket requiring you and a parent to appear before an official of the court. (ARS 15-805)  If you are habitually truant you could be put on probation, have your driver’s license taken away, or have to attend counseling or educational classes. (ARS 8-323)

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    On 09/07/07
    Drew from AZ said:

    I think the whole thing is bad. I just read this law. I mean i've always known that it's the law that you have to go to school. But it says here that even if you skip one class period you can be charged. I skipped school all the time and I graduated top 15% of my class 3.5 GPA. Ya i never got tried for skipping school but just the fact that they could if they wanted to.

    On 09/07/07
    MARLiN from AZ said:
    School should do something about this..instead of just puttin more and more laws..they should try to make school more interesting!! and dat way no student would ditch school opr anything =]
    On 09/06/07
    steven from AZ said:
    i dont see why cops have to bug us about going to school because its our lifes and we can do anything we want.
    On 09/06/07
    Jesus from AZ said:
    What's the point of ditching? Just drop out already! These ppl that ditch at like 16 and 17 just waste everyone elses money that actually want to be there.
    On 08/17/07
    MAX from AZ said:
    I don,t want to go to school anymore and in my state you can drop out at 16 but my parents tell me that if I drop out that I will not get my drivers license and I'll have to quit my job.Can they make me move out?
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