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    Stories - View Story: Jay's story

    Jay's MP3 High N/A

    Hi, I'm Jay. That's not my real name because the law prevents me from using my real name since I'm locked up in detention at the South East Facility. Let me tell you what got me here. It wasn't really one thing that I did. It was more like a bunch of things over a couple of years that I did that finally got me locked up in detention. See the penalties for breaking the law increase each time you break the law, and the judge always considers your past record in court. So it started when I was in Junior High. I started hanging with some friends who would get into a lot of trouble. Each of us was not really a trouble maker when we were on our own, but we'd do dumb things when we were together. So I was arrested for drug possession, smoking, truancy, vandalism over the period of 2 years, and each time I was released to my parents and put on Probation. On my last probation though one of my friends and I took a neighbor's Cadillac. We didn't really steal it, but we just wanted to take it on a joyride, I mean we were bored and thought it would be cool to drive a Caddy. Well, the police started following us, and then we led them on a chase because we didn't want to get caught. When we finally pulled over, it was like something out of one of those car chase TV shows, we were surrounded by several police officers. That stunt was more than enough to get me put in detention. Now I'm waiting to see the judge again, and I don't think he will release me to my parents. And forget about driving ever again, I can guarantee you my license will be taken away. So as part of my class here in detention, they've asked me to give you a tour of the juvenile detention facility. Click here to see what it's like in detention.

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    On 09/29/08
    ericka from AZ said:
    i feel so srry you go through all that everyday but got one question when you are released will you try to make a change??
    On 09/29/08
    from AZ said:
    Well i think your story is a whole adventure i just got detention and it sucks!!!! We just get to eat two breads with a cheese between them!!
    On 09/14/08
    angie from AZ said:
    wow that sucks i got caught for numerous things truency,stealing,alcohol,curfew,smoking all that i think im still lucky im not locked up i keep pushing my luck but i realized its time for me to stop thank you and best of luck
    On 09/01/08
    Mysti from AZ said:
    thats sucks...i got caught smoking pot like a year and a half ago went on the proba. that was subpost to be only for 3 months but i kepy messing up so then went on house arrest not on probati. pee test ever friday but hopefully getting off in 3 months for good test...finaly realized it aint worth it.
    On 09/01/08
    Mysti from AZ said:
    im on proban. right now, but im getting of in 2 months iv been on for a year and a half only for smoking ...finally i realized my frrdom isn't worth it.
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