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    Speak Up! - View Question #17959

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    Question: i live in a house with a back yard and i own a pellet gun. my neighbors dont like it when i shoot my pellet gun and they always call the cops on me. i want to know if from town to town the law changes cause the cop told me it might be illegal. ps i live in youngtown if that makes a differenc

    Answer: Your pellet gun is considered a gun. Discharging it within the city limits, assuming you load it with pellets (or BBs or any projectile) is against Arizona law. There are some exceptions, but in your case they probably don't apply, (ARS 13-3107).

    Cities do not have the right to make laws on this matter, and Arizona state law prohibits the firing of a weapon in city limits. If you are firing at a house or apartment where someone lives, (which may happen even if you don't mean to) you are breaking a state law (ARS 13-1211). It is illegal to fire at any building in this state, regardless of if someone lives there. There is also an Arizona state law that makes it a crime to damage someone's property, and if your pellet puts a hole in their property it is considered damage (ARS 13-602).

    You should only fire the gun outside city limits or at a firing range with adult supervision.

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    On 03/27/09
    CARL from AZ said:
    On 02/15/08
    thomas from AZ said:

    i shot my pellet gun out side my house and hit a window 125yards away and they called the cops. if there's a law about that please tell me.

    On 07/03/07
    :ea from AZ said:
    John, so sorry to hear about your dog. But there are laws out there to protect us All of us. Take for instence 6/24/07 the kid next door shot my 7 month old chahuaha with his pelet gun in the city limits mind you. The police where called thay seen her bleeding do you think thay wrote anything down. Thay didnt even go next door thay called them on the phone. Here it is a week latter and Still no police report, Its not finished yet. Aswell as cant see cheif of police and count or city atturnys have no say. Well the news will. Resurch and learn your laws and fight for your rights.. Good luck.
    On 04/29/06
    Sol from IN said:
    John Learn to vote, it's the only way to change ridiculous laws. Look into suing your neighbors for undue hardship, ect for killing your pet. Thankfully ridiculous laws have to go in front of a jury of real people and sometimes you can luck out. If people want to abuse the law, fight back with it. I am truly sorry for your situation. ~Sol
    On 07/31/05
    john from GA said:
    man the laws are messed up theres nothing thats going to change i had a dog a brick head lab that was a nice dog would not bite anyone but the neigbors always called the cops on him becouse he barked well eventully thay took the dog and put him to sleep i loved that dog but thats the way it is. nothing well ever change. laws are messed up im under house arrest for smoking ciggerretes.??? where did i go wrong?
    1 thru 5 of 5 comments    [ 1 ]   

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