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  Arrested (61)
  Banking (5)
  Bullying (6)
  Contracts (5)
  Credit (4)
  Curfew (44)
  Drinking (25)
  Driving (187)
  Emancipation (67)
  Family (219)
  Guns and Weapons (23)
  Housing (17)
  Illegal Substances (91)
  Jury Duty (15)
  Marriage (16)
  New Laws (15)
  Other (378)
  School (118)
  Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31)
  Trouble (34)
  Vandalism and Property Damage (8)
  Violence (87)
  Voting (6)
  When You Turn 18 (107)
  Work and Employment (24)

Latest Questions
  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Arrested (61 questions)
    In my state a Nunchucku is considered a deadly weapon unless it is used for demonstration purposes. How likley am I to serve jail time for carrying Nunchucku.

    We cannot say for sure what penalties you may face in... more »


    Banking (5 questions)
    Someone ripped my cards off... what now?
    Immediately report the loss or theft of a credit card to the bank or company that issued it. If it'... more »


    Bullying (6 questions)
    can a bully be someone you are friends with?

    Even if someone calls him/herself a friend because they hang out with you, they can NOT bully you... more »


    Contracts (5 questions)
    Do all contracts have to be in writing?

    No. However, in certain cases no court action can be brought unless the promise or agreement is i... more »


    Credit (4 questions)
    What is a credit report?

    A credit report is a summary of what debts you owe and a history of how promptly you have paid of... more »


    Curfew (44 questions)
    What is the curfew in Fountain Hills, AZ?
    The curfew in Fountain Hills (7days a week) is:

    15 years and under-10:... more »


    Drinking (25 questions)

    I got a dui almost two years ago, the major pain about it is the 2 year suspension on my drivers license. I need a work and school permit so i can be able to get to school and work with out walking in this heat! any idea how i apply for it? oh and i got it in tempe, do i walk in and ask the court for it or is there some were on line i am able to apply for it?

    The wisest (and most reliable) course of action would be to simply call the more »


    Driving (187 questions)
    What are the consequences for getting into a car accident with only a learners permit?
    If you're driving with a licensed adult, the consequences will not be any different than anyone else... more »


    Emancipation (67 questions)
    If my parents are divorced, would the parent without custody be able to sign for me to be emancipated?

    A parent cannot grant emancipation by signature. Emancipation of a minor requires a process where... more »


    Family (219 questions)
    Can a doctor tell my parents why I was there if I don’t want him to, is it against the law?
    There is a legal doctrine titled 'patient-physician privilege.' What this privelege means is that a ... more »


    Guns and Weapons (23 questions)

    im 15 in arizona and was wandering if it is legal to carry a airsoft gun, an airsoft gun is a gun that uses yellow plastic bb's and is sping loaded with an orange barrel,that is not concealed or loaded and is in a holster and not consealed and/or a knife that is 8 inches that is an a holster,and not consealed, just to scare away predaters?

    Arizona Law (A.R... more »


    Housing (17 questions)
    can you tell me how i can narrow my search to find a place to live if i have a felony

    Unfortunately, a felony conviction tends to make many things more difficult to obtain, including ... more »


    Illegal Substances (91 questions)
    Is it true that Arizona is the only state where possession of tobacco or tobacco products by minors is illegal?
    As of February 28, 1997, Federal law does not allow retailers to sell cigarettes, tobacco, or smokel... more »


    Jury Duty (15 questions)

    What is a jurors duty during a cival suite

    To learn more about jury duty, you may want to watch the video for juror orientation on the more »


    Marriage (16 questions)
    can i get married to my 16 year old boyfriend without my parent permission if im pregnant?

    See answer to question more »


    New Laws (15 questions)
    Does emancipation affect my driver’s license?
    Yes, once emancipated your driver’s license will Include the words “Emancipated Minor... more »


    Other (378 questions)
    What's the minimum age in which a juvenile can be tried as an adult in the state of Arizona?
    It depends on which route the prosecutor decides to take. Under Arizona Law (ARS 13-501), if a child... more »


    School (118 questions)
    Is it constitutional for a PUBLIC school to enforce a school uniform such as Khaki pants and white shirts?
    Yes. The Arizona Court of Appeals has ruled that a public school's mandatory student uniform require... more »


    Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31 questions)
    Can sexual crimes occur within a marriage?
    Yes. The same laws that apply to sex crimes outside the marriage apply to sex crimes within the mar... more »


    Trouble (34 questions)
    If you are charged by police with a misdemeanor for petty theft (1st time offense, good student), is there a chance the judge will drop the charge?
    First of all, one should be clear on what judges can and cannot do. A judge will hear evidence and t... more »


    Vandalism and Property Damage (8 questions)

    If somebody took an egg and smashed it into the vents at the base of the hood of my car, causing my A/C to smell like rotten eggs in the summer heat, and I was almost 100% sure I knew who did it, but couldn't prove it, could I get them in trouble anyway? What could happen to them?

    When a person damages another person's property it is possible to sue that person in civil court ... more »


    Violence (87 questions)
    If someone threatens to kill me can he/she go to jail?

    Arizona Law (A.R... more »


    Voting (6 questions)
    Where do I go to register to vote?

    You register at your county’s elections department (more »


    When You Turn 18 (107 questions)
    What are the advantages of having a written lease?
    You will have a better idea of all of your rights and obligations. You will have protection against... more »


    Work and Employment (24 questions)

    How long does it take before you can be promoted to a higher position as a lawyer

    The truth is that it depends. A lawyer, just like other workers, may be promoted based on her or ... more »

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