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  Arrested (61)
  Banking (5)
  Bullying (6)
  Contracts (5)
  Credit (4)
  Curfew (44)
  Drinking (25)
  Driving (187)
  Emancipation (67)
  Family (219)
  Guns and Weapons (23)
  Housing (17)
  Illegal Substances (91)
  Jury Duty (15)
  Marriage (16)
  New Laws (15)
  Other (378)
  School (118)
  Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31)
  Trouble (34)
  Vandalism and Property Damage (8)
  Violence (87)
  Voting (6)
  When You Turn 18 (107)
  Work and Employment (24)

Latest Questions
  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Arrested (61 questions)
    What is the penalty for growing marijuana in arizona? I am growing two small plants without the intent to sell?
    Growing marijuana is a crime because the United States and Arizona both prohibit (do not allow)... more »


    Banking (5 questions)
    How old do you have to be in Arizona to have your own bank account?

    Normally you have to be 18 years old to open bank accounts, enter into contracts o... more »


    Bullying (6 questions)
    as a younger child i was kinda popilar with a few kids in scghool but then again i was bullied. even though nobody ever handled my problems i learned 2 get over it until recently... lately ive become REALLY mean. would i be considered a bully and if i am could people press charges against me?
    Arizona has a new law that requires schools to have policies on bullying, harassment and intimidatio... more »


    Contracts (5 questions)
    What is a contract?
    A contract is "an agreement between two or more parties creating obligations that are enforceable or... more »


    Credit (4 questions)
    What is a credit report?

    A credit report is a summary of what debts you owe and a history of how promptly you have paid of... more »


    Curfew (44 questions)
    Is it legal for parents to lock their kids out if they don't come home by curfew?
    There is no law in Arizona that authorizes parents to lock their kids out if they do not come home b... more »


    Drinking (25 questions)
    I plead guilty under A.R.S. 4-244 (33.) when I was 19. I received a restricted permit for two years and alcohol screening. Many job applications ask whether you have been convicted of any offense or of only felonies, but do not know what the offense is technically considered. Is an A.R.S. 4-244 (33.) offense considered a misdemeanor and can it be expunged under Arizona law?
    Section 4-244 33 is designated as a class 1 misdemeanor under 4-246 B. Arizona Rules of Criminal Pr... more »


    Driving (187 questions)
    I live in arziona i had a seziure this was the first time i had ever had one the docter in the emergency room said my licence was susspended for 3 months does the hospital alert the DMV or does the docter just trust the patient not to drive not that i plan on driving because it is extremely dangerous i was just curious as to how that works. Thanks

    Arizona Law (ARS 28-3306(A)(5)) giv... more »


    Emancipation (67 questions)
    What do I have to show the judge if I want to be emancipated?
    At the hearing it is your responsibility to convince the judge that it is in your best interests to ... more »


    Family (219 questions)
    Can sexual crimes occur within a marriage?
    Yes. The same laws that apply to sex crimes outside the marriage apply to sex crimes within the mar... more »


    Guns and Weapons (23 questions)
    I was wondering if it is legal to shoot archery in your backyard, assuming there is a fence around the yard to act as a protective barrier and you are shooting into hay bales.
    Arizona Revised Statutes reveals only a mention of archery in four places: more »


    Housing (17 questions)
    What happens if I don't pay my rent?
    If you do not pay the rent when due, a landlord may give you a notice to either pay or leave within ... more »


    Illegal Substances (91 questions)
    Are there special laws that apply to people 18 or over who sell drugs to people under 18?
    Yes. The law says a person who sells, gives, or offers any prohibited substance to a minor is guilty... more »


    Jury Duty (15 questions)
    what are the consequences of not attending jury duty?
    It is unlawful to ignore the summon to appear. If someone believes they can not serve as a juror the... more »


    Marriage (16 questions)
    Can sexual crimes occur within a marriage?
    Yes. The same laws that apply to sex crimes outside the marriage apply to sex crimes within the mar... more »


    New Laws (15 questions)

    If I'm pregnant am I emancipated or can my parents still make decisions for me. What about my unborn child/baby? Who makes decisions for the child?

    Even though you are a minor, you still have the right to make decisions for your child.

    S... more »


    Other (378 questions)
    Is denying someone a glass of water illegal in Arizona?
    The answer depends on the circumstances involved.

    The law is more strict with business en... more »


    School (118 questions)
    Does a 17 year old need the consent of a parent to drop out of school and is it legal to simply leave once you reach 17?
    According to Arizona Law (ARS 15-803), ... more »


    Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31 questions)
    At what age does sex become legal?
    Under Arizona law it is illegal for two people to have sex when one or both of them are younger than... more »


    Trouble (34 questions)
    If you are in a gang what happens if you tell a police officer?

    If you admit to an officer that you are in a gang, your name will be entered into a database for ... more »


    Vandalism and Property Damage (8 questions)
    Is smashing a cactus with a giant rock illegal? Because thats what my neighbor did to our cactus.

    Smashing a cactus with a rock may be considered criminal damage under more »


    Violence (87 questions)
    Can an officer pat me down even if he knows I don't have a weapon?
    An officer can pat down (or search) a person, even if the officer knows the person doesn't have a we... more »


    Voting (6 questions)
    Where do I go to register to vote?

    You register at your county‚Äôs elections department (more »


    When You Turn 18 (107 questions)
    Are there any disadvantages to having it all in writing?
    Pre-printed leases usually are prepared by and favor the landlord. You should read the lease careful... more »


    Work and Employment (24 questions)
    I have gotton in trouble at work. I am suspended for theft of merchantdise and free timing. My question is does my employer have a right to tell my parnets about this event? i know if they contact the authorities my parnets have to know but what about the investigation threw the workforce only?

    In Arizona, employers have the right to investigate a theft, and parents have... more »

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