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  Arrested (61)
  Banking (5)
  Bullying (6)
  Contracts (5)
  Credit (4)
  Curfew (44)
  Drinking (25)
  Driving (187)
  Emancipation (67)
  Family (219)
  Guns and Weapons (23)
  Housing (17)
  Illegal Substances (91)
  Jury Duty (15)
  Marriage (16)
  New Laws (15)
  Other (378)
  School (118)
  Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31)
  Trouble (34)
  Vandalism and Property Damage (8)
  Violence (87)
  Voting (6)
  When You Turn 18 (107)
  Work and Employment (24)

Latest Questions
  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Arrested (61 questions)

    if my boyfriend has a restraining order against him not to see me until he's off probation that is up 8 months after i turn 18, can he still go to jail even though i'm 18?

    If there is an order prohibiting your boyfriend from seeing you, and your boyfriend is on probati... more »


    Banking (5 questions)
    What are some things to consider before opening up a bank account?

    There are several things that you should consider before opening a bank account:


    Bullying (6 questions)
    as a younger child i was kinda popilar with a few kids in scghool but then again i was bullied. even though nobody ever handled my problems i learned 2 get over it until recently... lately ive become REALLY mean. would i be considered a bully and if i am could people press charges against me?
    Arizona has a new law that requires schools to have policies on bullying, harassment and intimidatio... more »


    Contracts (5 questions)
    Do all contracts have to be in writing?

    No. However, in certain cases no court action can be brought unless the promise or agreement is i... more »


    Credit (4 questions)
    What is a credit report?

    A credit report is a summary of what debts you owe and a history of how promptly you have paid of... more »


    Curfew (44 questions)
    What is the class of crime for a curfew violation?
    Each city in Arizona may inact their own curfew laws. A city's laws are sometimes called the 'Munici... more »


    Drinking (25 questions)

    if you try to buy beer, but don't use a fake id and never say you're 21 can you still get in trouble? if you just walked into a store, get carded, and left, can you still get charged?

    It may be helpful to look at ... more »


    Driving (187 questions)
    Can a parent block someone from getting a drivers license?
    For a minor to apply for a driver’s license or instructional permit in Arizona, the application mu... more »


    Emancipation (67 questions)

    My son is planning to drop out of school at 16. He is a bright boy, and I'm sure at some point he will get his GED. While I do not support his decision, I will help him get a job at 16 --but show him the door as well. Can a parent initiate an emancipation request if the minor refuses to attend high school, and can support himself financially?

    There doesn't seem to be a procedure that permits a parent to file an emancipation petition.... more »


    Family (219 questions)
    I have a 16 year old that wants to move out and had been causing a lot of problems at home with our other children. He does not do anything to help out at home and has been caught smoking pot many times. He only goes to school when he wants to and will not get a job. He has no respect for anyone and it is affecting the other children in a negative way. What can we do to get him out of the house or away from our other children?
    Legally the child is your responsibility until he is 18. If you want the child out of the house you ... more »


    Guns and Weapons (23 questions)
    What high school classes should you take to become a lawyer?
    Unlike medical school, there are no prerequisites that need to be taken before attending law school.... more »


    Housing (17 questions)
    What about privacy? Can my landlord enter my apartment?

    The landlord does have the right to enter your apartment under certain conditions. The landlord ... more »


    Illegal Substances (91 questions)
    What are the laws about smuggling Painkillers and Steroids into US from Mexico?
    The basic rule is that if it is illegal to possess in the U.S., its illegal to bring it into the cou... more »


    Jury Duty (15 questions)
    what are the consequences of not attending jury duty?
    It is unlawful to ignore the summon to appear. If someone believes they can not serve as a juror the... more »


    Marriage (16 questions)
    can i get married to my 16 year old boyfriend without my parent permission if im pregnant?

    See answer to question more »


    New Laws (15 questions)
    Does emancipation affect my driver’s license?
    Yes, once emancipated your driver’s license will Include the words “Emancipated Minor... more »


    Other (378 questions)

    what are the requirrments for becoming govenor or an elected offiacal,in Arizona ?

    A.R.S. §... more »


    School (118 questions)
    I received a ticket for jaywalking. A school employee told the police officer at my school. He ticketed me. Is it legal for a officer to write a ticket for a crime he didn’t witness?
    Yes, an officer has the authority to issue citations to anyone he or she has probable cause to belie... more »


    Sexual Assault and Misconduct (31 questions)
    My sister had sex with a 16 year old and she is only 14 i dont think thats right and isnt that illgal because under 15 is like a minor and shes not 15 till October?

    Yes, you are technically correct that it is illegal to have sex with a minor under the age of 15.... more »


    Trouble (34 questions)
    can a cop give out information to people who have nothing to do with the case such as neighbors and if so can they do it before you're proven guilty

    Generally the answer is yes.

    To have a case I am assuming you were arrest... more »


    Vandalism and Property Damage (8 questions)
    Is smashing a cactus with a giant rock illegal? Because thats what my neighbor did to our cactus.

    Smashing a cactus with a rock may be considered criminal damage under more »


    Violence (87 questions)
    Are Potato Bazookas illegal?
    Unless there are laws in your city specifically prohibiting potato bazookas, they are not illegal to... more »


    Voting (6 questions)
    Where do I vote?
    You may vote at the polling place in the precinct in which you live. The county elections office es... more »


    When You Turn 18 (107 questions)

    I committed a violent felony when I was 14, now I am 20 and I am wondering if and how I can get my juvenile felony expunged so I can have my rights restored.(voting,firearms,etc)

    In Arizona, it is not possible to have a record (juvenile or adult) expunged or erased permanentl... more »


    Work and Employment (24 questions)
    How old do you have to be to bus tables?

    In Arizona the type of work you can do genreally depends on your age. Forbidden employement ... more »

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