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    Speak Up! - View Question #18327

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    Question: Are the penalties for underage drinking differant if you are over 18 but under 21?


    There is no distinction between underage drinking over 18 and under 18 made in the laws. (ARS §4-244 & ARS §4-241)

    See the LawForKids.org Laws section for more information.

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    On 09/26/08
    Marcin from IL said:
    Im 18 and got busted drunk and what not..It was my third time and all i got is community service again. So the law for it here is pretty chill. You'll never really get in trouble as long as yer not drivin. You can get away with that to though
    On 06/28/06
    Trent from TN said:
    To Val from D.C.  I can assure you that the cops do not need a warrant to enter a house that they suspect underage drinking to be going on in. All they need is probable cause, which could be an assortment of things. You are also wrong about the whole 18 thing. At 18 you may be a legal adult, but the drinking age is 21. If you are under the age of 21 and consuming alcohol,regardless of if your parents know about it, you can be given a DUA. It does not matter if you are 20 years old and drinking a beer with your dad on the back porch.
    On 04/13/06
    James from NC said:
    I have been caught by cops drinking a few times and everytime they have told me to be safe and dont drive. I was just nice to the cops.
    On 12/14/05
    val from DE said:
    thats not true..for one, if you let the cops inside the house with underage drinking going on, you're asking for it, whether you live thete or not, doesn't matter. you don't have to let them in at all unless they have a warrant. but there's definitely nothing that says if you're over 18 but under 21 you can drink in your parents home "if they authorize it"- how can they authorize you to do anything? you're 18, you're a legal adult, you can make your own decisions now!
    On 12/02/05
    Sam hendrix from FL said:
    I think that if u r stupid enough to take drugs you should be caught and prosecuted. U should not get away with somethimg you did.
    1 thru 5 of 6 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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