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    Speak Up! - View Question #19214

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    Question: Why would a judge excuse some people - and not others?


    Judges have the right to excuse prospective jurors from serving on a particular jury for a variety of reasons. For example, the prospective juror may have:

    • Family members related to someone involved in the case.
    • Financial interest in the case.
    • Prejudice or bias about the case or the parties.
    • Already formed an opinion about the outcome of the case.

    1 thru 4 of 4 comments    [ 1 ]   
    On 06/02/09
    from NY said:
    wouldn't that make you more unbiased if you do not have a child as it will allow you to decide solely on the facts without any emotions?
    On 08/19/08
    Mike from LA said:
    Attorneys may also be looking for very specific things relevant to the case. For example, I was dismissed after the attorneys learned I had no children because the case was a medical malpractice suit involving the death of a child. Apparently, the plaintiff's attorney determined I might not be as sympathetic to their case as someone with children.
    On 03/21/08
    Dab from AZ said:
    Also, the defense and prosecuter each can dismiss a limited number of jurors without stating a reason (preemptory challenge). The attorney may not like the way you looked at the defendant, or a tatoo you may have or even your beard or hair style. Rediculous to you maybe, but the attorney may be concerned with your attitude for or against beards or certain hairstyles, etc. After the preemptory challenges, a reason is needed to dismiss a juror.
    On 03/27/06
    jay from AL said:
    oh i never knew that
    1 thru 4 of 4 comments    [ 1 ]   

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