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Latest Questions
  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Speak Up! - Browse Questions about Violence

    You'll find questions that other kids have asked about Violence at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the question will take you to an answer from a real attorney!

    We hope that you are able to answer your questions related to Violence on the LawForKids.org Violence page. If you don't find the answers here, look on the pages below or Submit your own Speak Up question to LawForKids.org.

    For more information and links to Violence Prevention resources, visit:

    Have you found a useful Violence Prevention link on the internet?Tell us about it.

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      What crimes can get the death penalty?
      How can I protect myself from a gang violence?
      Who is not allowed to have handgun or handgun permits?
      I blew up a public toilet what can I be charged with?
      How can I get a restraining order taken off?
      What are the laws on organized fighting?
      Is it legal to carry a small knife in one's pocket? Are switchblade knives illegal in Arizona?
      If a kid gets beat up and they want to sue them can they?
      Is desecration of a flag illegal in Arizona?
      What is second degree murder?
      My brother, has been using meth, stealing, having weapons, and etc for many years. Recently, he stole a car, and cops caught him. We had to go get him, because he was a minor (17, until november and he is 18). Well, they caught him breaking into a house, and possesion of meth, as well as weapons. They put him in jail, but we had to get him. What I am wondering is, is there anyway to get him out of the house, since he is violent, and will retaliate if we send him to jail, and we get him. Is there anything we can do, since we are afraid of him

    im 15 in arizona and was wandering if it is legal to carry a airsoft gun, an airsoft gun is a gun that uses yellow plastic bb's and is sping loaded with an orange barrel,that is not concealed or loaded and is in a holster and not consealed and/or a knife that is 8 inches that is an a holster,and not consealed, just to scare away predaters?

      how old do you got to be to buy and carry a pellet/bb gun in the state of arizona
      There was a big huge fight in front of my house...but the people who was starting stuff came over to my house first in a truck...but we were all in the house and my brothers friend ran out the door and tackled the driver but he didnt get into trouble from the cops...the driver did...why did the driver of the car that came get into trouble from the police but not my brothers friend?
      Are the penalties for assault the same for minors and adults?
      If my boyfriend is over 18 can my Mom put a restraining order on him? Would that be in the Supreme court files, or public information? Does he have to be served personally or can it just be sent in the mail?
      I have a 15 yr old friend who's father has sexually molested him and a couple of years ago he raped a girl. He feels awful and needs counsoling but is scared of going to prison. What would happen if he told someone? And what might happen to his father?
      My dad got arrested for hitting me repeatedly. When I talked to my caseworker the day after and I told her that I didn't want to go home she said that it was up to my dad and that he had put reports of me being incorrigible. The court told him that he was not to have any contact with me and he showed up at the place where I am staying and told me that I was to go home on Tuesday. How does this whole thing work out?
      My sister makes me really mad sometimes. If I were to, say, stab her in the arm with a pen, would that be considered assault?

    What is third degree murder?

    Displaying 61 thru 80 of 87 record(s) Show all questions »       1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5    

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