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    Speak Up! - View Question #17287

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    Question: What if I don't buy alcohol myself?

    Answer: A person who is under the legal drinking age and who solicits another person to purchase, sell, give, serve or furnish spirituous liquor contrary to law is guilty of a class 3 misdemeanor.

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    On 06/05/06
    S from CA said:
     believe that if your old enough to die for your country then you shoudl be old enough to buy your own BEER!" Oh do you now? And when did you sign up for the military? This is one of the lamest excuses to lower the drinking age usually put forth by people who never set foot in the military. (Yeah, before you ask, I joined the military in '97.) I agree that it should be 18 as well, but for reasons beyond your comprehension.
    On 03/17/06
    Mr. Obivious from CA said:
    Ok first of all some of you people dont know how to have a good time. You have to live your life while you can. Because you never know when your going to die. Neways...i believe that if your old enough to die for your country then you shoudl be old enough to buy your own BEER!
    On 01/26/06
    Wana drink? from UT said:
    Well the dinking age in every other country is at least 19, but 18 at the most. I beleive if we just lower the drinking age to 18 then alcohol wont be such a novelty to college or some high school kids, becuase anyone can get it. That is why a lot of minors drink, because it's "cool" to be doing something more adult like. Maybe if young adults were tought more about the risk and shown more responsibilty then it wouldn't be such a big issue. Teach young americans to be better adults by giving them alittle maturaty to deal with. Europe has been doing for ages becuase it's onething to be enjoyed.
    On 07/20/05
    Teresa from MS said:
    I think that a person who buys alcohol for a minor should have some jail time because they are not only indangering that child's life, but they are indangering other innocent lives who may be effected by the child being under the inflluence.
    On 05/06/05
    jack from AL said:
    depends on what the minor does with it,and how much of it thet take. a little bit for a special ceremony should be ok
    6 thru 10 of 12 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3    

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