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    Speak Up! - View Question #22028

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    Question: Could my father or mother stop me from dating my 19 year old boyfriend? Since we aren't having sex could they press any charges against him?

    Answer: If you are a minor (under 18 years old in Arizona) your parents have the right and duty to control you and the duty to support you. In certain circumstances, a minor who can fully support him or herself will become an emancipated minor. However, this means the minor has the full responsibility of all of his or her needs. Merely contributing to your support does not mean that you can become emancipated.

    Your parents have a duty to protect you and provide for you. Your parents do not have a duty to allow you to do what you want.

    Your parents will lose their right and duty to control you if they abuse it. This usually involves some sort of criminal behavior, or behavior that puts you in danger. Not feeding, clothing, or houseing you would be examples of this behavior. Your contribution towards food, housing or clothing does not get you out of obeying them.

    Unless you are fully emancipated, or your parents legally lose their right to parental authority, you cannot leave home without their permission. If the 19 year old boy, that you are interested in, is not committing a crime then he would have the opportunity to prove that within the process if charged, but then your parents would not have a reason to press charges either.

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    On 02/20/09
    Desie from AL said:
    Yes they can stop you if they dont allow it. parents should never let there younger kids be with somone over or 18. that is all wrong for somone older to do that. people may think its cute but its really not cute. some people may think its cool to be wit someone older but they dont realize what kind of trouble they are getting themselves or there parents into. most parents should know that there kids could get into alot of trouble if the law finds out. but the law wont allow it at all if they find out. it is against the law to be wit someone under the age of 18 if you are older then 18.
    On 11/18/08
    juleik from FL said:
    well think the shouldnt cuz if u aint doing nothing with him then they shouldnt
    On 10/21/08
    vernon from GA said:
    your parents could not stop from dating because you are now elijable for your own car, your an adult now and you have the RIGHT to date whom ever you chose because althought your mother has had you in her wound for 40weeks she does tell you what to do but your an adult and its your time to make your desicons so consider my advice
    On 04/10/08
    maygen from TN said:

    There has to be a FIVE year age difference between u and your "partner" of one of them is under the age of 18!!!!!!!!

    On 03/22/08
    chris from AZ said:
    Lydia: there is no limit on what age of person you can love. the issue comes when sex is involved. it is ILLEGAL for anyone 18 or over to have sexual intercourse with anyone under 18, regardless of consent.
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