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    Speak Up! - View Question #49

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    Question: Is the mere possession of a fake ID (but not the use of one) a crime?

    Answer: Yes it is a crime to possess a fake ID. Using the fake I.D. is also a crime and getting caught using it will get you arrested.

    The definition of a crime is doing something that is against the law. By holding a fake I.D. you are committing a crime and therefore breaking the law.

    Now, if you never use it, chances are you will never be caught for your actions of breaking the law. This doesn't mean that just because you are not caught breaking the law, that you are not in fact breaking the law by the mere possession of the fake I.D. It is a very, very serious offense. And if you are ever stopped by the police and caught with fake I.D., you will be arrested with no questions asked.

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    On 03/20/09
    eric from AL said:
    Chris, you cannot get in trouble if they dont have an ID to prove it. If the cop saw it, that would be different but the testimony of the clerk alone more than likely won't be enough to prosecute you. Get a good lawyer and keep your mouth shut and be respectful in court and you will be A-OK my friend.
    On 09/10/08
    jay from NY said:
    I got caught using a fake id. wasnt drinking just wanted to be with all the guys. I didnt get arrested just a citation to go to court. what will happen
    On 10/16/07
    Bob from IA said:
    I got caught with a Manufactured Fake Drivers Licence....What are the typical charges for this serious misdimeanor.
    On 09/29/07
    lily from TX said:
    what happens when you get caught with a fake i.d and the place that caught you sends it off? do they come looking for you?
    On 05/30/06
    Chris from VA said:
    can u get in trouble for trying to use a fake ID if it wasn't confiscated, a cop never saw it, but a store clerk says u tried to use one?
    1 thru 5 of 22 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5    

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