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    Speak Up! - View Question #54

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    Question: I have my permit but my parents won't let me drive because I'm not insurable. Do I need insurance and how do I get it?

    Answer: Its understandable why your parents will not let you drive unless you have insurance.

    Insurance is very important because it pays for injuries and damage you may cause and/or suffer if you are involved in a car crash. If you were to cause a crash, you are responsible for paying for the other person's injuries and damage and because you are a minor child and the car is probably registered and insured in your parents' names. That means your parents could be liable for harm you do.

    Your parent's have said that you are not insurable....they may be correct. They may not be able to add you to their insurance policies due to cost. Insurance for teenagers is very expensive because teens have a great deal of accidents due to lack of experience driving as well as risk taking behaviors (speeding etc.) If you are a good student, some insurance companies offer discounts if you maintain a 'B' average and can prove it will a copy of your report card.

    If you have a part-time job, why not save up some money and try to work out a deal with your parents that you pay a portion (or all) of your insurance, maintain good grades and do not get any traffic tickets.

    It is a scary time for parents when their kids start driving. Driving is extremely dangerous and their worries are reasonable though, it never seems that way when you are a teenager!

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    On 07/17/08
    drive from AZ said:
    Just take driving school. Get a part-time job and sign up for driving school. The school will have insurance and you get to practice driving and if you go to the right school they will give you a piece of paper at the end of the course that will allow you to skip the driving test when you go into the mvd for licensing and just get your license.
    On 01/16/03
    dick from FL said:
    yah i guess my parents are not lying to me. they just dont want to handle all that responsibilty for my actions.
    On 11/13/01
    Shircola Powel & Yolanda Tuggles from NC said:
    We both think that you should get your own insurance. Because if you reck your car and you're on your parents insurance, thats a lot of responsibility that your parents have to handle. Although you did it, and not your parents.
    1 thru 3 of 3 comments    [ 1 ]   

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