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    Speak Up! - View Question #559

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    Question: What authority does mall security have when you've done nothing wrong?

    Answer: Malls are private areas. That means that they are essentially the same as a person's home - when the mall owner decides to invite people into the mall, she or he can decide what rules there are about staying. Mall security is there to make sure the 'rules of the house' are followed. These rules obviously include not breaking local laws, but also usually include things like not fooling around on the escalators and elevators, not bothering other people in the mall and other behavior that might not be 'illegal' according to the law, but are rules that make everyone's visit to the mall safer and better. The mall owner can make reasonable rules and you as a guest, must follow them. Security guards are not official police (although in reality mall security are often off-duty police officers). To answer your question, mall security has the authority, granted by the mall owner, to see that the mall rules are followed. If you've done nothing wrong, there should be no reason for security guards to contact you.

    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    
    On 04/27/09
    bob from KS said:
    I have a friend that was apprently was tackled off salina mall property after being chased by a vechile.When they called the cops and said he stolen something now it turns out he works at the theatre and was waiting for a ride and two security guards sounds like they started to gang up on one 17 year old kid just waiting for his ride and said they were searching him for a weapon with there feet(kicking him)The next day he tries to press charges and security counters that with a new story of there own so its their word against his and security is allowed to work there at the mall he isnt.coment
    On 02/27/09
    Bob from OH said:
    I am the Security Mananger for a mall in ohio. i also feel that people dont respect mall security officers. We have strict rules for a reason also to protect their kids but they dont understand that. They drop them off at the mall as a babysitting service in alot of cases
    On 12/14/08
    Pete from PA said:
    I work as a full-time corrections officer,and a part-time mall security supervisor.I feel that the public doesn't give mall security the respect that we deserve.We put our butts on the line on a daily basis for the public.Yes,mall security's powers are limited,howevwe we confront the same type of pepole the local police do,only we do it unarmed in many cases.We face danger every day,and we get laughed at,names called to us,and other disrespectful things.We are treated like crap by the very people we protect.I believe certain malls in certain bad areas need to have armed mall security.
    On 10/30/07
    John from PA said:
    I work in one of the only malls inside Northeast Philadelphia, with 5 bus routes coming from urban areas of the city. Sometimes it makes our job that much harder when it is time. to confront someone, because they know that we don't have the real power of athurity. Alot of times by a guard aproaching someone doing a minor crime, or being a nunance they automaticilly give you a hard time. Sometimes a little extra force is needed to solve the problem.
    On 07/31/07
    mike from MO said:
    I personally work security at the largest mall in my state. While we are not officially designated police officers, you must remember that some states, including MO, grant full police powers to Security; however, only when they have been trained by a police department, which is a local requirement. So, you must be careful when you think that a security officer has no authority. Yes, while our primary goal is to enforce the rules set forth by our company, we also have authority to make arrests for misdemeanor and felony offenses, as set forth by our state.
    1 thru 5 of 9 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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