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    Speak Up! - View Question #57

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    Question: What happens if the date and time on your citation is wrong? Can you get out of the offense?

    Answer: Usually when there are mistakes on a ticket or citation, the errors can be overlooked or the citation can be amended so that they don't have much effect on the validity of the ticket or citation. An example in the civil area of numerous gramatical errors is when the calender year changes, like from 2001 to 2002 on December 31st. For a couple of weeks after the new year, people will accidently write last year's date. Often they are referred to as scrivener's errors. While this may cause things like checks to be technically 'stale', most banks will overlook the error.

    The situation with tickets and citations is similar. Lots of tickets will be written with the wrong date just after new years. Unless the error is extreme, however, like getting a person's name completely wrong on the citation or perhaps a number of such errors being present, most such errors are not fatal to the pursuit of justice and prosecution will continue. You can try to defend on the grounds of minor errors, but usually, if the rest of the citation is proper, minor gramatical errors will not provide a defense.

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    On 01/02/09
    pebble from OH said:
    i got pulled over for a speed i wasnt doing i saw i was going 55 maybe 60 and the officer pulles me over ( with my mother, grandmother and little sister in the car) and says i was goin 72!! me and my mom were watching my speed. it was not 72! he also wrote the wrong date it says 1-1-08. what can i do?
    On 10/31/08
    tom from MA said:
    im sorry guys but you will not likely be able to fight this ticket i went to court today for a speeding ticket that had my old licence number on it and i now hold a california licence and it still did not help me fight i hope i win the case i am waiting on the ccourt to send me the details . i will post agian after i have read the details of what is going on
    On 11/13/05
    Konstantine from MA said:
    I recently got a speeding ticket. The car I was driving belongs to my wife. The citation has my licence number on it and my wife's name as a violator? My name doesn't appear anywhere. What do I do?
    On 07/17/03
    John from Othe said:
    I'm from Ontario Canada. I recieved a ticket and on the ticket is written John R... with the correct licence number and other information blah, blah, blah BUT on my licence, the name says Jonathan. I think that I can fight this - what about you?
    1 thru 4 of 4 comments    [ 1 ]   

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