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    Speak Up! - View Question #587

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    Question: Are Potato Bazookas illegal?

    Answer: Unless there are laws in your city specifically prohibiting potato bazookas, they are not illegal to possess, but if used to hurt someone then the person could be charged with an assault. It's like a hammer, not illegal to possess, but if you hit someone over the head with it, you'll be charged with assault.

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    On 03/23/08
    Tesla from PA said:
    They are very loud but people dont seem to mind them if you dont have alot of neighbors. Just be careful the pvc cement is heavy around the pipe or else it will pop off the back and hurt you and wait a few hours untill the cement dries because it is extremely flamible but arter it dries it cant ignight.
    On 03/02/04
    chris from FL said:
    i once looked down the barrel of a freshly made potato gun to check for spark and did not realize that pvc cement would ignite like that......WOW..... anyways after my eye healed, about three weeks later, we made 6 of them and mounted them on my brothers nissan pickup and were going to have a 6 guns salute to my eye....well we fired them all at the same time in one direction.....and the truck came off the ground about 6 inches...it was awesome
    On 10/24/03
    steve from AZ said:
    i shoot my gun all the time and every time i do within 5 minutes the cops show up.
    On 07/14/03
    Chad from AZ said:
    I have a lot of with my gun but we have had the police called, mostly because neighbors do not know what the sound is.It is extremely loud but extremely fun.
    On 09/06/02
    Strader and Leroy from GA said:
    we like our homeade one and we mess with it all the time juast dont shoot more than 5 times each setting and the neighbors wont say anything p.s. they will shoot clean through a plywood board!!!
    1 thru 5 of 8 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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