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    Speak Up! - View Question #599

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    Question: Is desecration of a flag illegal in Arizona?

    Answer: Yes. As addressed by Arizona Law (ARS 13-3703 A. 2), it is a class 2 misdemeanor to commit abuse of a venerated object, such as a flag, by intentionally casting contempt upon it, defacing, burning, trampling, etc., in a manner likely to provoke immediate physical retaliation.

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    On 01/10/05
    Sidener from AZ said:
    they should not change the pledge no matter what. i dont care if someone else doesnt believe in god thats thier problem.
    On 02/21/04
    james from TX said:
    Flags aren't usually made of paper....buddy..........
    On 01/20/04
    Leslie from CT said:
    I think flag burning shouldnt be legal because to me it means like racism because if your from Canada burnin a U.S flag that means you dont U.S.A nor the people.So if you burn the American flag you dont like us, so dont watch tv because there is always american people on it,and dont go on any trips out of where you live because your always gonna find yourself with an american.Ya beter chill with that flag burnin cuz im burn you.
    On 11/19/03
    Boro from Othe said:
    It's just a FLAG! a peice of paper. who cares that it's a simbol of ANYthing. it's a flag. just a flag. a normal object like any other thing, for instance, a towel, a bottle , a lamp.
    On 11/13/03
    Ines from NY said:
    Flag burning should be considered a crime, maby even treason because, if you want to burn the U.S flag than that means you don't like the U.S.A so those who want to brun it should stop taking advantage of the freedom we have and opportunity and get out of our counrty.
    1 thru 5 of 30 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5  ...   

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