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    Speak Up! - View Question #388

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    Question: What are the requirements to become President?

    Answer: The United States Constitution outlines the requirements for President in Article 2. This article of the U.S. Constitution also outlines the many powers of the President and Executive branch of government.

    Section 1 of Article 2 of the U.S. Constitution states that a President must:

    • be a natural born citizen of the united States
    • be at least 35 years old
    • have lived in the U.S. for at least 14 years

    In addition, the 22nd Amendment to the U.S. Constitution states that a President may not serve more than 2 terms of 4 years each, even if they have only served as President for 2 or more years of one of those terms.

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    On 05/01/09
    Ray from MI said:
    I believe that Obama only won because he is black. During the debates Obama said that if any bill come his way with an earmark he would veto the bill, the first stimulus bill that went through when he first got into the white house was full of earmarks and was a waste of money. Over 7 billion dollars that my kid's kids will have to payoff. Therefore in about 50 years from now we will be right back in the same whole we are in now.
    On 04/29/09
    Emily from KS said:
    We no longer have segregation, why would it matter if Obama is black? We already fought a war over this subject, it is time to move on people. We are all equal, he won because it is time for a change, and this is our chance to change, take it. We need to work together if we are to pull out of this. It is time to stop talking and act
    On 04/27/09
    danny from PA said:
    okay, you kids are so immature for saying stuff about obama, like seriously... the man became president during the worst economy since the great depression, you need to just cut him a break, you arent even old enough to vote, and you are all so negative.. why would anyone wanna hear what you have to say??
    On 04/26/09
    from PA said:
    About the person who said the president should serve in the army that would be restricting some people from presidency. I am a Quaker and we have the Peace Testimony and we are not supposed to join the army so that would restrict some very quailified people.
    On 04/21/09
    chris from CA said:
    Obama deserves our respect and if you believe he only won because hes black its probbably because America is tired of how these white men run this country and we decided to give this him a chance its not luck its all about how this hole bush dug us in and we are now getting out of
    6 thru 10 of 522 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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