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    Speak Up! - View Question #536

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    Question: What will I get if I steal cigarettes?

    Answer: In Arizona, Possession of tobacco by a person under the age of 18 is an incorrigible act and you could face charges in court. There could be various penalties. STEALING is a different story. Theft or shoplifting is a crime and you could be prosecuted for committing this act. You could be ordered to jail or any other options that the judge may decide according to A.R.S. sec 13-1802, 13-1805, 8-341 and 8-201(15)

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    On 07/02/07
    Tito from MD said:
    the rebellion to parents is why some kids smoke...if there was no age limit and they said it was bad to do then they probably wouldnt do it...but even if there was a 13 year old age limit some kids would wait until they are 13 and then smoke
    On 07/02/07
    Tito from MD said:
    ya thats true because i have a friend who smokes and he is 14 and he said he will probably stop smokin wen he is 18 because it wont be fun hiding it and everything
    On 05/11/06
    brightlyburn from MD said:
    smoking is bad and all, but the reason people should stop is because it hurts others too.
    On 01/31/06
    Casey from OH said:
    I think the smoking law should be 13 because i'm addicted and now i cant stop.... so i steal lighters and cigarettes from the terre haute store but i never get caught
    On 01/18/06
    ashley from OH said:
    i started smokin wen i wuz 13 n i used to steal them from my brother n my mom but i stoped stealing them cuz i started to feel bad cuz my mom didnt kno, i guess i cant explain the guilt i felt for doing it but i still smoke n i wish i didnt but its too hard to quit even tho i try really hard to stop
    6 thru 10 of 38 comments     1  [ 2 ]  3   4   5  ...   

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