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    Speak Up! - View Question #597

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    Question: Is it legal to carry a small knife in one's pocket? Are switchblade knives illegal in Arizona?

    Answer: Arizona Law addresses these questions in ARS chapter 31, section 13. First, Arizona law (ARS 13-3101) defines deadly weapon as anything that is designed for lethal use. Second, ARS 13-3102 states that a person commits misconduct involving weapons if they carry a deadly weapon without a permit, except for a pocket knife concealed on his or her person. So, the answer to the first question is that it is legal to carry a pocket knife concealed on your person.

    As to the matter of switchblade knives, there is nothing specifically making switchblade knives illegal in this state. As they are not commonly carried by sportsman or tradespersons, they would probably be considered fighting knives and, therefore, deadly weapons. While not specifically illegal to possess, they may have to be either carried visibly or, if concealed, the possessor must have a concealed weapons permit issued pursuant to ARS 13-3112.

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    On 06/23/05
    Steve from AZ said:
    So if I have a folding pocket knife UNDER 4 inches in my pocket then I am still within the law. Is there an age limt?
    On 02/17/05
    Colter from AZ said:
    So can I like walk around with a katana straped to my back as long as its not concealed?
    On 11/24/04
    Tiffany from AZ said:
    Blade length actually does matter in Arizona. It can only be concealed if it is 4 inches or under. Any knifes in Arizona are legal to carry, they just cant be concealed if the blade is over 4 inches. In answer to the butterfly knife question no it is not illegal to carry or conceal if it is 4 inches.
    On 06/11/04
    Marty from AZ said:
    Im just going on 16 soon here and I was just wondering if it is illegal to carry around a 4 inch butterfly knife. I have asked my parents if I can get one but they keep telling me that it is illegal to carry a butterfly knife. I just wanted to know if they are right and it is illegal, or if they arent and it is legal.
    On 06/04/04
    John from LA said:
    im a 15 year old boy who loves knives. Im a collector of any type of knife i can get my hands on at a reasinable price. I just bought a fixed knife. The blade is 7 3/4 inches long. I would like to find out if i have my blade in its Sheath on my leg. Is it considdered a concield wepon and is it illegal for me to carry it around.(it is clearly visibal.) I also dont know why i ask this but i need to know are Swords illegal to be carried in a sling sheath?? i have been stopped 3 times but only 1 officer has said anything to me. I dont want my the next time it is found on me it by cop.
    16 thru 20 of 32 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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