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    Speak Up! - View Question #613

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    Question: How long do you go to jail for attempted murder?

    Answer: Attempted murder is a class 2 felony. If the defendant does not have any prior felony convictions and the crime did not involve the use of a deadly weapon (e.g. gun), dangerous instrument (e.g. knife) or result in the serious physical injury of the victim, the defendant would be sentenced for a class 2 non-dangerous felony. The range of punishment for a class 2 non-dangerous felony is a minimum of 3 years and a maximum of 12.5 years.

    If the crime did involve a deadly weapon, dangerous instrument or resulted in the serious physical injury of the victim, the defendant is convicted of a class 2 dangerous felony. In that case, the minimum prison term is 7 years and the maximum prison term is 21 years.

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    On 05/20/09
    ana from CO said:
    my son was given 84 years for attemted murder.with no evidence only credability of the witness. is this a fair sentence?
    On 05/13/09
    ebony from FL said:
    My boyfriend shot a guy 9 times cause he crashed the car on purpose trying to kill us.He was sentenced to 37 years is that right.
    On 04/24/09
    Michel from CA said:
    My son defended himself with a kichen knife on our front yard against a guy who came a him with a pipe. how much time can he do? if they gave him 14 years will he actually do all 14 years?
    On 04/17/09
    ig from CA said:
    what if the person was drunk, and defending their spouse?
    On 03/14/09
    Michel from CA said:
    Some guy came driving by our house three times then got out and confronted my son, they fought, the guy left and my son went in the house. the guy came back my son went back outside but this time with a knife. he stabbed the guy once. how much time will he do?
    1 thru 5 of 27 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3   4   5  ...   

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