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    Speak Up! - View Question #673

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    Question: What is the purpose of the Supreme Court?

    Answer: The Supreme Court of the United States acts as the highest authority in the 3rd branch of our government---the judicial branch. Its job is to interpret the Constitution and in doing so, it decides cases in which there needs to be an important clarification in the law. There are nine justices on the Court and they hear cases that have been appealed through the justice system. Thus, when the Court rules in a case, that ruling is the last resort for the defendants. The Court is an important part of our government, intended to be free from political influence and therefore able to make crucial decisions about the law and how it is applied.

    Learn more about the US Supreme Court on their website.

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    On 02/09/07
    Montana from MT said:
    Do you agree that the Supreme Court is one of the most important parts of our countries government?
    On 11/10/05
    BeNjErMa from TX said:
    From my current understanding, the Supreme Court does not act on itself, rather they leave the ultimate decision in the hands of the lower courts, instructing them to take their judgement into consideration. Thus what is the purpose? Although most always usually cite the Supreme Court's decision, what happens when the lower courts refuse? Then what?
    On 11/18/04
    jay c, from NY said:
    although they do hear cases from lower courts, the cases they hear are based on matters of problems with the law itself. they can afferm a law is okay or declare it unconstitutional. the supreme court also deals with disputes between states because there is no other court with that kind of jurisdiction. (this would be something like if NJ sued NY for possesion of the statue of liberty.)
    On 05/16/04
    Dylan from FL said:
    I thought its job was to ascertain whether a mistake has been made in the lower courts that heard the case before it did whether in the constitution or otherwise in the law that is being challenged by the apellant.
    16 thru 19 of 19 comments     1   2   3  [ 4 ]   

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