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    Speak Up! - View Question #83

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    Question: I read one of your other laws that said nitrous oxide is illegal for drug use but what if it is for your car.

    Answer: Basically, possession of nitrous oxide for use in industrial applications, such as in automotive systems, is legal. There are numerous companies which supply and install nitrous or 'NOS' automotive parts, most of which create faster motors and greater horsepower.

    Likewise, in some medical fields, such as dentistry, nitrous oxide is legally possessed and used as an anesthetic, sometimes in conjunction with other medicines, usually for pain reduction. If dispensed by a licensed physician, its use is, of course, legal.

    Finally, there are small charged containers which are sold to the public for use in whipped cream dispensers, since, interestingly, nitrous acts as a presevative and 'inflator' when mixed with chilled whipped cream.

    Unlawful Nitrous Oxide possession is addressed by Arizona Law (ARS 13-3403.01 and 13-3403.02), which states in simplest terms that it is illegal to sell, give or receive nitrous charged containers to minors. It appears that sale or possession of nitrous among adults is lawful.

    Note, of course, that if a person were to consume any form of nitrous oxide, even if straight from a whipped cream can, and were to become intoxicated to the slightest degree and then drive a car, they could be charged with driving under the influence DUI.

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    On 12/02/03
    preluder from MO said:
    it depends where you are, in smaller towns where streetracing isnt a big problem the police dont care, my prelude is equipped with a nitrous express system and its always hooked up and they dont mind, i did get in trouble over using the purge valve though, something to do with polution or emissions or something of the such
    On 10/01/03
    Pierre from AZ said:
    "nitro" is also a poor alias for nitrous, as it is more commonly a reference to nitromethane which is used in racing and model aviation fuels.
    On 09/10/03
    steve from MD said:
    nos is illegal to be used on street aplications, however transportation of nos is legal the only stipulation is that the unit can not be fully installed. the line from the bottle or to the sylenoids must be disconected, and an nos sticker must be visible on the outside of the vehical.
    On 09/05/03
    Al from AZ said:
    Agreed. Anybody who says NOS is an idiot.
    On 03/02/03
    Lusipher from NJ said:
    Ok, heres the lowdown on Nitro laws for motor vehicles. First, anyone who says NOS instead of Nitro or Nitrous should not be driving because you'll probably hurt yourself. Second, Nitro is legal IF and only IF you get a permit for it. Permits cost different ammounts in different states and even with a permit, nitro is illegal to use on open roads. Third, you can't inhale the nitro used for car systems because it is laced with sulfur and other chemicals that make it poisonous and it smells pretty bad too. Thats how car shops can sell it without breaking US regulations. Finally, don't think you
    11 thru 15 of 20 comments     1   2  [ 3 ]  4    

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