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  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Speak Up! - Browse Questions about School

    Jost about every kid in Arizona attends school. There are several areas of the law that cover kids when they are at school... and even in cases when they don't go to school.

    You'll find questions that other kids have asked about school at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the question will take you to an answer from a real attorney!

    We hope that you are able to answer your questions related to school on the LawForKids.org school page. If you don't find the answers here, look on the pages below or Submit your own Speak Up question to LawForKids.org.

    For more information and links to school resources, visit:

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      Can a 16 year old dropout?
      How many degrees do you have to have to be a teacher?
      How can I enroll in school?
      How does one become a law school teacher?
      Is walking on a school roof after school hours a felony?
      Can a student be suspended from school and bus privileges for accidentally lighting a match on the bus? What if the student puts the match out and admits doing it?
      Is it legal to be given only one 15 minute break at school? Class starts at 8 and ends at 3:30 P.M?
      If a teacher yells at you for something you didn't do, do you have the right to yell back?

    Could the police bring a dog to school to look for contraband in students' belongings?

      Who is responsible when several students of different ages ditch school?
      I was falsely accused of bringing a gun to school and embarrassed in the process. Is there any punishment for the person who accused me?
      What should a student do if there is a bomb threat in school?
      What high school classes should you take to become a lawyer?
      Can a student make a law suit against their teacher if he is being prejudiced against students, or in other situations? In other words does a student have a right to sue the school or a teacher?
      Every Friday during lent our school won't serve meat because the Christians can't eat it, but we get a choice of a salad or yogurt instead of the main meal. Is that violating the separation from school and state rule?
      Can a teacher talk about religion in class even if it makes you uncomfortable? What can a student do in order to make this stop?
      Why can you get in trouble from pulling a fire alarm?
      Can a principal or teacher hit you if you do something wrong?
      Is it unconstitutional for teachers to make you turn my shirt inside out?
      Do I have any rights to protect against a search at school based totally on the rumors of other kids?
    Displaying 61 thru 80 of 118 record(s) Show all questions »       1   2   3  [ 4 ]  5  ...   

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