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    Speak Up! - View Question #444

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    Question: Can a principal or teacher hit you if you do something wrong?

    Answer: No, a teacher nor a principal should ever physically punish a child even if they do something wrong. If you or a friend are physically hurt by an adult at school, it is very important that you go to an adult that you trust, your parents, other teachers, or your librarian etc. if this ever happens.

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    On 05/26/09
    Unknow from MD said:
    My Language Arts teacher hits different kids in my class everyday. I have to think it hurts because she stashes yard sticks behind her desk and when she's to lazy to get up she throws anything in her hands at the time at us. The worst thing is, is that she is my advisor and if I cant open up to her and feel safe then whats the point? Point is I NEVER feel safe when I'm around her. She also goes home saying shes a Christian...woman give me a break!
    On 04/08/08
    johnny from AL said:
    my social studies teacher mister (or miss) hit me because i forgot to underline my heading with a red pen! he wrote on my book and slammed it in my gut! it hurt so bad the only way could excuse the pain was to laugh. The same day he screamed at 150 decibals and told me to shut up because i asked my friend for the spelling homework! its like he hates me.
    On 03/15/08
    C.C. from NJ said:
    Can a principal or teacher order a child to drop off lunch to the principal? I can understand notes which involve business, but isn't playing a waiter to a principal more personal?
    On 06/09/04
    stephanie from Othe said:
    Today in school a male teacher hit one of best friends for looking at a peice of paper on his desk! he thumped her so hard she was crying! i don't beleive this is right or correct and the teacher went to my headmaster and covered up his tracks! we don't think he will be punished now. i will find out tomorrow. keep you posted.
    On 05/13/04
    right4u from AZ said:
    ARS 13-403 section 1 was used as a definition of acceptable force after my then 9 year old was attacked by a Crossing Guard. A passer by thankfully stopped the altercation, but kids and adults alike need to be advised of the right to have their rights protected when a physical altercation takes place with any school employee. When in doubt call an attorney. In most states if a minor asks to have a parent called it can be held to the same standard as requesting an attorney. All questioning after such request is mute.
    1 thru 5 of 11 comments    [ 1 ]  2   3    

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