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  • Is it illegal to download foreign items that is not licensed in United States?

  • I have a questions for you. Since i'm emancipated do I still have to have my parent sign for me to get a tatoo in arizona. And if not would i have to bring the emancipation papers with me to get a tatoo.thanx for answering all my questions.

  • how many people can i have in my car,and what is the curfew in goodyear,az

  • what is the cerfew for pinetop-lakeside, az?

  • Can I get emancipated if I'm only 15, if I'm pregnant, and still going to school? And can I live with my boyfriend which he has a job and will prvied everything needed for me and my baby.

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    Speak Up! - Browse Questions about School

    Jost about every kid in Arizona attends school. There are several areas of the law that cover kids when they are at school... and even in cases when they don't go to school.

    You'll find questions that other kids have asked about school at the bottom of this page. Clicking on the question will take you to an answer from a real attorney!

    We hope that you are able to answer your questions related to school on the LawForKids.org school page. If you don't find the answers here, look on the pages below or Submit your own Speak Up question to LawForKids.org.

    For more information and links to school resources, visit:

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      My daughter attends a charter school - Her teacher has many times told the class that if they don't be quiet then she can call the police to arrest them and take to juvinile, Can the teacher do this?
      does every school have a student resource officer?
      I am a 17 year old drop out can I enroll my self into another charter school without my parent. Also my parents are divorced an I live with my mother an she has full custody an knows I'm a drop out but she will not enroll me till I can do it my self which will be in 10 months so can I enroll myself back to school after a bad decision. Also my dad would like to enroll me himself but we don't think he can cause my mom has full custody. Please help.

    Is there anyway to get someone kicked out of a public school? like get people to sign a petition saying they want her kicked out of the school. anything???


    Is it legal for a school to punish you with manual labor? For example scraping gum off the ground after school or do they just have the right to have you clean what you did?


    what is the best college to go to to major in law


    Can I transfer to a out of state school without parental permission at the age of 17?

      Can I be arrested for not going to school?
      Can school administrators question a student about drug use in the school without parent permission? After ditching school the principle questioned me until I told them who I thought used drugs, is this legal?
      What is a sponsor for LawForKids?
      why is ditching a bad thing to do???
      Can a parent tape a session of counseling without the counselor knowing about it?

    Could you get busted by the police if you have a pill in your backpack at school?


    I'm 19 going to be 20 this summer and my parents are trying to keep me from going to the college I want.How do you take out loans so young, I'm sure I don't have great credit?Are there other ways to pay for college without your parents help? Because mine are not an option of help...

      What should I do if my teacher verbally abuses me in private and in public?
      To become a lawyer you need a bachelor's degree from a university in what?
      Is my teacher allowed to tell us the Iraq war is wrong, preach his left wing politics, ridicule President Bush, etc. in class?
      Is it necessary to have a 4.0 average to be a lawyer?
      What's the maximum size of a knife that you can carry to school?
      Can I get in trouble for writing/drawing with chalk on school walls without permission?
      For truancy can the juvenile court send you to lock-up if I haven't been in any kind of trouble before?
      Is it legal to tie a student's grade to a parent's signature?
      If a juvenile gets adjudicated for vandalizing a school and they go to jail for it can they go to jail for doing it again?
      Are there rules or laws concerning grade retention for students who cannot read at a certain reading level?
      Does a public school teacher have the right to send me to the office for drawing a picture of Satan in class?
      What if a student carries a knife as a religious symbol to school? Wouldn't taking it away be an infringement on our 1st Amendment freedom of religion?
      Do parents ultimately decide whether their child is retained? Can the parent override the school district's decision concerning grade retention?
      Can I be charged with a crime at school (assault for fighting) without questioning the witnesses against me?
      What is the law concerning Internet use in AZ public schools?
      Is a school bus under the direct supervision of the school board?
      Can a school deputy take a statement without reading one's rights?
      Can a teacher touch a minor without the minor's permission?
      If you take and/or copy another persons work and call it your own but make changes to it is that illegal?
      Lets say I did something really bad outside of school, can the school punish me for it?
      What is the Arizona state motto?
      Can a teacher make me take a drug test?
      Does graduating from high school give a minor more rights?
      I'm enrolled in night school, but there are elective classes that aren't offered there yet they are in day school. How do I legally take the day school electives for credit while in night school?
      If you have missed more than 10 days of school, are you legally required to go for no credit?
      Would it be against the law for a student to print an article saying bad things about other students?
      What are the legal requirements for home schooling a child in Arizona?
      What would be a good law to research for a Social Studies class?
      What are teens' legal rights in school and off school grounds in Arizona?
      Can I send emails in school, specially if I want to get a degree in computers?
      If a teacher isn't in the classroom fifteen minutes after the bell, may students leave?
      My 17 year old brother has a restraining order to stay away from his ex girlfriend who is a student at his school. They say that he is not allowed at school or school activities. He has not been able to go to school for 2 weeks. Can he get arrested if he goes back to school?
      Can a school official search your backpack without permission?
      Is it illegal to take freedom of speech from kids in school?
      My parents want to send me to a college that I don't want to attend. Am I allowed to take out a college loan without their consent and pay for college myself?
      Does my school have the right to suspend/expel me for what I have on my personal website AND Q. Can I be suspended for what I have on my personal website if it was taken off and brought to school?
      Are Tattoos and body piercing allowed to be shown? Ok in School?
      With my Mother's permission, I wanted to drop out of school, but they did not allow me to. I asked them to call my Mom and they said 'NO' go to class.
      How long does it take and what do you have to do to become a lawyer?
      Would practicing religion in public school be against the law?
      How can we prevent kids from causing so much trouble such as the bombings at the schools?
      Is it unconstitutional for teachers to tell me to turn my shirt inside out?
      Are there laws concerning how many hours of homework a school is allowed to assign?
      Is it okay for me to include references to God and the Bible in reports I write at school?
      What can I do if a teacher doesn't teach and makes fun of kids in the school?
      Can a 16 year old dropout?
      How many degrees do you have to have to be a teacher?
      How can I enroll in school?
      How does one become a law school teacher?
      Is walking on a school roof after school hours a felony?
      Can a student be suspended from school and bus privileges for accidentally lighting a match on the bus? What if the student puts the match out and admits doing it?
      Is it legal to be given only one 15 minute break at school? Class starts at 8 and ends at 3:30 P.M?
      If a teacher yells at you for something you didn't do, do you have the right to yell back?

    Could the police bring a dog to school to look for contraband in students' belongings?

      Who is responsible when several students of different ages ditch school?
      I was falsely accused of bringing a gun to school and embarrassed in the process. Is there any punishment for the person who accused me?
      What should a student do if there is a bomb threat in school?
      What high school classes should you take to become a lawyer?
      Can a student make a law suit against their teacher if he is being prejudiced against students, or in other situations? In other words does a student have a right to sue the school or a teacher?
      Every Friday during lent our school won't serve meat because the Christians can't eat it, but we get a choice of a salad or yogurt instead of the main meal. Is that violating the separation from school and state rule?
      Can a teacher talk about religion in class even if it makes you uncomfortable? What can a student do in order to make this stop?
      Why can you get in trouble from pulling a fire alarm?
      Can a principal or teacher hit you if you do something wrong?
      Is it unconstitutional for teachers to make you turn my shirt inside out?
      Do I have any rights to protect against a search at school based totally on the rumors of other kids?
      Does the Zero Tolerance policy for weapons at school violate any of our constitutional rights?

    How long does it take to become a lawyer? Is it fun? Where can I go to school?

      My friend wants to turn his life around. He was convicted of a felony, selling drugs. Can he get a good career, he is only 18? Can he go to college? What are his options?
      A person got hate mail and blamed it on me, and he called the cops. I didn’t send it.. what can I do?
      I received a ticket for jaywalking. A school employee told the police officer at my school. He ticketed me. Is it legal for a officer to write a ticket for a crime he didn’t witness?
      I was suspended from school for fighting. My dad said its constitutional right to go to school. Is he right?
      Is it legal for a school to expel a student if they find out he is gay? Is it legal for a school to take a way privileges from anyone based on their sexuality? Is there anything you can do about students teasing other students about their sexuality?
      Can your principal not allow you to dye your hair an odd color or wear heavy makeup and things like that if its not in the rules?
      Is it required you go to law school to be a lawyer or can you just pass the bar exam and get sworn in?
      Why isn't expulsion illegal if everyone has the right to learn?
      What recourse does the parent of a student in public school have if the principal shakes the student and physically threatens him?
      Is it constitutional for a PUBLIC school to enforce a school uniform such as Khaki pants and white shirts?
      Is it legal for a campus police officer to give a 13 year old a breathalyzer without contacting a parent first?
      I live in a dorm room and the college's policy is that the police may search my dorm room since it is not technically mine, but I pay for it, do the police still require a search warrant according to the 4th amendment?
      My maternal aunt has had temporary legal custody of myself and my brother since April 1996. We finally were able to get a copy of my birth certificate, but there is no name on the certificate. I will be entering high school in the fall and was told that they must enroll me as named on the certificate. My mother is alcoholic and nearly impossible to get ahold of, much less get her to sign and notorize any paperwork. How can we ammend the birth certificate to include my name?
      Does a 17 year old need the consent of a parent to drop out of school and is it legal to simply leave once you reach 17?
      Tonight I was skateboarding with my friends at Gilbert Elementary School. A cop showed up, pulled a gun on us and told us that we were trespassing. He then gave us a ticket for trespassing. Is this legal? There was no sign that informed us that we were trespassing and we had no weapons of any kind for him to pull a gun.

    im 15 in arizona and was wandering if it is legal to carry a airsoft gun, an airsoft gun is a gun that uses yellow plastic bb's and is sping loaded with an orange barrel,that is not concealed or loaded and is in a holster and not consealed and/or a knife that is 8 inches that is an a holster,and not consealed, just to scare away predaters?


    Last year I was expelled for something I did outside of school and nowhere near the school it was simlpy a prank on the internet that the teachers saw Is it illegal for a teacher to punish you for something you did outside of school


    Is it legal to bring a Bible to school and talk to other kids about Christianity? If not, how does a school have the right to take away a right that would bring others to heaven?


    I just turn 20, i had a truancy for not going to school. would the court restrict my driver liscense which i just got recently or [should I ] pay the total fine?


    If your 16 Just hate school moved from different schools numerous times, And you just dont go without your parents permision. what are the consequences?

      My dad takes care of me since my mom and his divorce. At school my teacher said that my dads girlfriend, who I love can't be put on the student class list my teacher gives to all the moms and dads. She has taken care of me for over 5 years when my mom was not around to do it. She said that she is not allowed to do this? Is this a law or a problem for the school to do this? I want her on the list of moms and dads. She is my mom too.
      If you dont trust your teacher or feel he may sexually assault you and they make you stay after class do you have the right to say no and leave.
      If there is a student at school that is caught with drugs is the principal suposed to call the cops?
      in az if I runaway and I'm 15 can I legally withdraw myself from a school and transfer to another?
      Our school says we have to have a physical before we are allowed to play on a sports team. My parents always say they don't have time to take me and that means the coach won't let me play even though I made the team. Is it illegal to let kids play sports just because they don't have a physical?

    Is there a difference between consumption of alcohol and possession of alcohol and if so what is the difference. thank you

      Can I read my Bible in school to my self in class?
      If it is not stated in the student handbook, can the administration ban trenchcoats?

    how could you get ride of a schools dress codes

      Is there still a possibility for me to become a lawyer if I just have a GED?
      Can my parents be arrested if I don't attend school and they don't make me attend school?
      I have ADHD and have some minor behavior problems, the school I'm in has me in a special education class. The school recently placed me in the mainstream and I had a scuffle with another kid on the playground and during the scuffle I told him if he did that again I would snap his neck. I was suspended from school without a hearing and arrested by the police. Are there any attorneys in Phoenix that provide free or pro-bono services for children?
      My parents got divorced but get along ok. My mom has primary custody but we do see our dad like 3 days a week. My dad says we have to go to school in between their houses. My mom says she has us over 51% of the time so we go to HER school district (they live like 1 hour from eachother). I dont want to keep switching schools and them just pick one. Which school do I go to? Can my mom put us in the school by our house without my dads permission?
      Does a police officer have the right to question an 8th grade student (13 years old) without their parent(s) present?
      Is it a law to have school safety officers on campus?
      If a school teacher tells me that I am not allowed to be on the junior high school campus after my high school releases me for the day, am I trespassing when I go to the junior high school the next day?
    Displaying 1 thru 118 of 118 record(s) Show all questions »      [ 1 ]   

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