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    Speak Up! - View Question #459

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    Question: My friend wants to turn his life around. He was convicted of a felony, selling drugs. Can he get a good career, he is only 18? Can he go to college? What are his options?

    Answer: I am assuming that your friend received this conviction after he was 18. (In juvenile court, findings of guilt are "adjudications of delinquency, not convictions.") It would also help to know if he received a plea agreement to a lesser offense, such as simple possession.

    First off, certainly he can go to college. Certain offenses can make it hard to get student loans, but he could always work his way through college. Arizona Law (ARS 13-904(E)) states:

    A person shall not be disqualified from employment by this state or any of its agencies or political subdivisions, nor shall a person whose civil rights have been restored be disqualified to engage in any occupation for which a license, permit or certificate is required to be issued by this state solely because of a prioir conviction for a felony or misdemeanor within or without this state. A person may be denied employment by this state or any of its agencies or political subdivisions or a person who has had his civil rights restored may be denied a license, permit or certificate to engage in an occupation by reason of the prior conviction of a felony or misdemeanor if the offense has a reasonable relationship to the functions of the employment or occupation for which the license, permit or certificate is sought.

    Arizona Law (ARS 13-912) automatically restores a person civil rights on a first time felony if prison time or probation is completed and all fines and fees are paid. ARS 13-906 is the statute (Arizona Law) under which he could apply to restore his rights to bear arms.

    If your friend avoids further convictions, for the most part, he has lots of options. Avenues which are probably closed are law enforcement and the military (and pharmacology).

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    On 11/14/03
    corissa from NC said:
    all you have to do is call a local recruiter. you can still get in the military even if you admitted doing this drug, i am just not sure if you can get in if you had a conviction on it. but a recuriter will be able to awnser this question for you
    On 11/09/01
    Dana from AZ said:
    If one of my friends got caught with marajuana when he was 15 can he still enter the miitary?
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