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    Speak Up! - View Question #17298

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    Question: My daughter attends a charter school - Her teacher has many times told the class that if they don't be quiet then she can call the police to arrest them and take to juvinile, Can the teacher do this?

    Answer: A.R.S. § 13-2911 makes it a crime to interfere or disrupt an educational institution. The law allows the administrator or appointed officials (teachers) to ask someone to leave if they are disrupting the use of the property by others (students). Under the law it is possible for a juvenile to be taken into custody for interfering with classroom activities. Interference is defined by the law as an act that might reasonably lead to postponement, cancellation or suspension of any class or other school activity.   In other words, if one child or the whole class is severely disruptive to the point where the class is postponed or cancelled, then yes, the police can be called.  It would take quite a bit for this to happen.

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    On 02/17/09
    gerard from AZ said:
    i think that's stupid. if they won't shut up, get the principal to do something with those kids, but only if the kids won't stop when needed to. how do teachers expect them not to talk and disrupt class? my johnny, we're kids. that's not gonna stop anytime soon
    On 08/19/08
    Mrs. S from AZ said:
    Education is a right, a privelege, and a responsibility. If you aren't educated you are subject to those who are. Nobody wants to be told what to do but the only way to be truly free is to educate yourselves to freedom. That is why there is mandatory education. A democratic society must be run by educated people. If you are disrupting class so that others cannot be free you are denying their rights as citizens. This is why the police can be called. You are stealing their right to learn. Take this time to really learn so that someone else can't take advantage of you and take what is yours.
    On 03/20/08
    Jen from AZ said:

    I definately don't agree that a teacher can call a police officer about talking too much in class, for pete's sake its just talking. There is better consequences than that.

    On 02/11/08
    A very from OK said:
    We will socialize. We are required to go to school. Fine. But we're socializing there.
    On 12/19/07
    danny from AZ said:
    i think he/she can't aresst you for not being quite.
    1 thru 5 of 8 comments    [ 1 ]  2    

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