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    Speak Up! - View Question #423

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    Question: Would practicing religion in public school be against the law?

    Answer: The First Amendment of the Bill of Rights of the U.S. Constitution states 'Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof . . ..' This means that the government must be separate from any religion. Since public schools are run by the government, the Bill of Rights means that schools must remain neutral on religion - not aid any particular religion, not prefer one over the other, not practice any religion as part of the school. So the answer to your question is that, no, practicing religion in school is not against the law. What is prohibited is a school practicing religion - making people pray, having school run religious events, etc. Your own personal religious practices while conducted at a school are not prohibited.

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    On 01/20/09
    Mike from SC said:
    I disagree with the whole idea about religion being in school. yeah i am a Christian and yeah i believe in God but dont tell me i cant talk about my God in school when i got my rights to freedom of speeh and freedom of religion
    On 01/25/08
    Maddie from LA said:
    Oh yeah, and there are religious classes in school because religious curriculum classes are allowed as long as they remain objective, and do not impose religious beliefs upon students. (Though courses often dont remain objective)
    On 01/25/08
    Maddie from LA said:
    Yes, schools must remain netural on religion, but religious groups can be held there according to the Equal Access Act, which states that non-curriculum groups may meet on school campus and the school is not allowed to be dicriminatory, in reference to race, gender, or beliefs. Schools are simply not allowed to sponsor any one religion or promote any on religion, which would be discrimination on the others and would violate the First Amendment Rights.
    On 11/07/06
    Sara from WA said:
    I think that you should have the right to exercise whatever religion you want wherever.The Problem begins when people start limiting what religions can be practiced... everyone needs to be treated equal
    On 05/28/06
    Ray from FL said:
    The separation of church and state is just that the correct way to run a democracy and that is why this is an enduring Democracy. People want to interpret the ammendment their way. I believe that religion belongs in church and education in school period.
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